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Year 8 create revision memory games

Over the Summer term, pupils in DLS in Year 8 have been working on producing games that would support someone in Year 8 with their revision. 

We have talked about how our brain works and the use of visual, kinaesthetic and auditory methods of revision in order to best transfer information to long-term memory.  The group have produced a wide range of creative and interesting games including the use of play dough, jigsaw pieces and models of the human body to support learning.  We then spent a few lessons playing these games and evaluating the work of our peers.

The winners of the competition by a landslide victory were Tilly H and Cecily C with ‘The Body Game’.  The fantastic design, useful and easy to follow rules and good questions were particularly noted by their peer group.

Runners up were Ruby P and Amelia B who worked independently and thoughtfully to produce a game which helped you learn the organs of the human body, diseases and the nutrients the body needs.  Players highly rated the characters used in the game and the topic they had chosen.

Highly commended goes to Rupert C and Louie C who made ‘History’s Great Detectives’ a game where you answered historical questions to earn jigsaw pieces.  This was rated as fun to play and easy to understand.

Well done to everyone for another great half term’s work.