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Year 7&8 weekly assembly

Today’s Year 7&8 weekly assembly focussed on the Internal Examinations which will be taking place the week beginning 25.04.2022.

The examinations will take place within the normal lessons and locations with which pupils are already familiar and a timetable will be published on the portal soon. The disruption to school in the past few years has left pupils somewhat out of practise when it comes to examinations but there is plenty of support in place for preparation and revision.

Pupils should be reassured that the examinations are not pass/fail but rather a means of assessing teaching and learning this year and good practice for the future.

Each subject will post information on the relevant Teams. Pupils should refer to this to find out the topics on the exam, for example History will set a choice of topics to revise; the structure of the exam, for example Geography will be on Forms, RS will be a paper; the resources they have access to for revision and how to access them, for example Science has revision books; and details of Easter work including what to do if stuck. Our assembly also explored revision techniques such as making mindmaps, teaching friends and family or using flashcards to test your memory.

Easter is a busy time for families with many of us are making the most of the holiday for a trip away so pupils have been encouraged to plan in some revision time. Even 10 minutes a day will add up quickly! Setting aside the time and space for short bursts of revision will help embed the information and trying a range of techniques to reflect on what works best will be an excellent use of time.

We also looked at managing stress in the run up to the examinations. Pupils are encouraged to keep healthy habits with a good diet, sleep routine and time being active or outdoors. This balanced with some revision with plenty of brain breaks and a reward for all their hard work.

If there are any questions or concerns about the upcoming examinations, tutors will be more than happy to help, so please do get in touch.

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