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Year 7 pupils in spoken English competition

In DLS we teach transferable skills to use in other subjects. One such skill is to be able to confidently present a talk to a group of peers. 

For the Spoken English competition, Year 7 pupils had to present a two minute talk about a topic of interest followed by a reading from a book.

All the DLS teachers were astounded by the quality of presentations, making it immensely hard to decide on worthy winners.

We have joint first place winners: Alfie for his talk about ‘Your Amazing Body’. A great introduction hooked the audience and his use of sticky notes to show us where some not so vital organs are located made for an amusing 2.09 minute talk. Harry for his engaging, 1.63 minute, talk about basketball which was delivered in a very confident manner and included anecdote, facts and direct address to engage his peers and teachers.

pic body2

Joint second place goes to Jack, for his expertly delivered presentation about carp fishing. He included rhetorical questions, fun facts and the perfect pace to appeal to his audience. Keelan chose to present a talk about the gothic genre. The points made were developed, he expertly structured it into sections, and there was a clear enthusiasm for the topic.

pic body

Finally, Highly Commended goes to Leon for his detailed talk about Lego and Felix for his passionate talk about Cristiano Ronaldo.