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The Noise – Church initiative

The Noise 2022

This half-term in Chapel we have been looking at the teachings of Jesus – Love God, Love your Neighbour and ideas around forgiveness. We have then also looked at Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter, what we can learn about Jesus from these events and why they are important to the church.

After June half-term we will have a prayer space. In my discussions with Tunbridge Wells Youth for Christ, who are helping me plan and prepare the prayer space, I came across an event called ‘The Noise’ which is being held in Tunbridge Wells this holiday. I was involved with the original event in Manchester in 2000, it was called Message 2K. The idea was to help communities, run events, clean up streets and be witnesses to Jesus by practical help. Local churches then decided to take this initiative into their local communities through The Noise.

This is a great way of putting Jesus’ teachings – Love God and Love your Neighbour – into practice. If you are interested in your child(ren) joining in with this initiative, please find out more by clicking on the link

It would be a great way to serve and will make memories and friendships to last forever.