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Team building and community outreach in latest enrichment activities

Enrichment Activities update

Team Building for Team 11 Enrichment Carousel

This week the team were asked to set up two challenges for the other half of the group; one inside and one outside.

The first team were asked to make up the longest name in their group with blocks joined together. This demonstrated an excellent division of work as it was against the clock!


The other team were then asked to draw a word given to them by the challenging team. Their objective was to guess the word using only pictures. This caused great hilarity (due to some interesting drawing) but this effort by AJ helped them to guess the word Bethany!


Both outdoor challenges involved teams working together on the low ropes course and resulted in a very successful and fun afternoon. Well done, Team 11; you have set the bar high for this carousel!


Community Outreach

Team 2 went to Marden to help sort out food at the foodbank run by Marden Church.  Firstly, they had a practical Maths lesson, the group was split into 4 smaller groups and given £10 as we headed to Sainsbury’s to buy some food.  3 of the groups passed the test, however one group were £1.75 over their budget, but a kind lady behind them in the queue paid the difference – making an opportunity for others to support the foodbank!


Once they had paid for the food we headed to Marden. Some pupils had brought in other donations, so when we arrived, we were able to contribute with goods.  But the task was not complete.  Nicky, the vicar at Marden, needed a hand dating and sorting various items in the foodbank.  Armed with sharpies – tins, pasta, spaghetti – were dated and put back in the cupboard in date order, out of date food was removed and recycling added to.


It was a short time in Marden but made a real difference to Nicky and her team and will benefit those families who need to use the foodbank.

We will be returning to help again, so if anyone is inspired to bring in food items that we can give to the foodbank, then please bring them to reception or get your child to bring them to room 21.