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Studying ‘Extraordinary People’ in DLS

As usual our first project for Year 7 is all about Extraordinary People; this includes our new pupils! There are 3 parts to the project.

First we design and then make a mini me model depicting something the pupils enjoy or are particularly good at. Next they put together a presentation on PowerPoint. They explain in depth all the wonderful things they are talented at but also any areas they find a challenge when they think about learning. The final part is to investigate a famous person who has struggled with something but overcome it to achieve great things. They research this person’s achievements and find out how they managed their neurodiverse brain!

There were so many great entries that we decided to categorise them:

For the Mini Me models we have two spectacular join first prize winners. Keelan Stubbs for his accurate representation of himself as a dancer, complete with cloak. Also, Felix Hardy who created an action model where he is depicted leaping for the ball in front of the goal post. Level 4 merits for you.

Picture2 Picture3-1

A special mention goes to the Twins category; Natasha Robinson-Salkeld and Sophia Williamson managed to make almost identical models showing their love for horse riding. Level 3 merits, well deserved.

Judging for the Presentation category was a challenge with several information and entertaining entries.


Alfie Bennett investigated Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets, and how he overcame his difficulty with communicating with humans by using puppets. A Level 4 merit for you.

Jack Levine tried to sway us with many pictures of puppies; this partially worked but his presentation was still very well put together and included interesting facts about Tom Cruise and his dyslexia. Level 3 merit here.

Leon Storvik clearly explained his skills and things he has struggled with in a positive way. if you ever want to find out anything about trains Leon is your man! Another Level 3 merit here.

Michael St Clair Bishop presentation was very slick. He went onto researched the cricketer Dillon Pennington who is dyslexic and included details on how fining out why he was finding school tricky really helped him to achieve so much more. A level 2 merit for you.

Sebastian Graham also distracted me with puppies but for good reason because he fancies himself as a bit of a dog trainer. A really well presented piece of work. Another Level 2 merit for you.

A huge well done to all these pupils and everyone else who entered, what a great start you’ve made!

Mrs Harper,
Head of DLS