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Sixth Form pupils tackle young drivers’ course

Over the past 3 weeks, the Sixth Form have been completing the Kent County Council Young Drivers’ Course; an annual January experience for the Sixth Form to help drill home the risks of driving on the road.

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many in the Sixth Form and unlocks a world of independence which is great for them.  However, if they don’t drive safely, their new found freedom also has the potential to become a weapon which could change their, and others, lives forever.  The course was a series of four sessions covering essential road safety skills – “driving and seeing”, “speed and force”, “impairment” and “impulse and control”. The sessions culminated with a special guest assembly on Thursday 2nd February from Lorna Smith from KCC, who directs the programme, and talked to pupils about the statistics of young drivers and accidents and also answered some of their questions.

Supervising a learner driver: everything you need to know

KCC would like to bring to your attention the information for parents that is available on their website – (here you will find a link to the parent video and a link to the parent guide).