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Pupil Charity Walk for MS and Dementia Charities

The Sixth Form had many suggestions on which charity should be chosen for our Charity Walk.

“When we voted for the charities that the money from the walk to be donated to, as a collective we chose the M.S foundation and the Alzheimer’s society.  This meant that the money was split equally between the two charities.

I am now going to give you a summary of what the M.S foundation does. The M.S foundation makes its money by donations and sponsorship activities such as runs and walks. They have a helpline which provides support and information regarding MS and is open 5 days a week from 7am to 9pm except bank holidays and weekends. They also provide clinical trials for M.S and they help speed up the search for a cure. They have access to carers, support groups and books about how to help a family member/friend who has MS.”

Jim Germer picWe raised £552.50 for the M.S. Foundation

by Jim Germer

Year 9


“The other charity was the Alzheimer’s Society.  Alzheimer’s disease can affect people of all ages, but is especially common in older people. It affects the brain, making it hard to remember things. The disease (which is a type of dementia) is especially heart breaking for relatives of the affected person. It is hard to witness a loved one gradually becoming increasingly confused and unpredictable. The Alzheimer’s Society exists to help those living with dementia – it provides advice and runs support groups across the country. Our tutor group chose to support this charity because several of us had known relatives who had battled with dementia and so were aware of the good work the charity does.”

james duncome

We raised £552.50 for The Alzheimer’s Society Charity.

By James Duncombe
Year 9