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Owl Inspired Year 7 Artists Enjoy Workshop

Year 7 pupils had the chance to take part in an Owl Workshop this week, with the visit of two beautiful owls to inspire them.

The Kent Owl Academy came into the Art Department with two beautiful owls that the pupils were able to get up close to. This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to take photographs of the stunning birds as well as attempt observational drawings of the birds in the room. The pupils produced some beautiful quick sketches and captured some wonderful snapshots of the birds. Charlotte, the owl handler, provided the pupils with some interesting facts about the two birds and allowed the pupils time to ask questions.


Observational first-hand recourse drawing is key in Art and Design, and I am so pleased that our pupils in Year 7 had this opportunity to experience this within their art class.


The pupils clearly loved this experience and were so excited to see such wonderful creatures up close and personal. We are continuing our owl inspired work by using the artist David Hale for inspiration, creating symmetrical patterned drawings using fine liners and red markers to emulate the style of the artist.

– Mrs Clough