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Mysterious script writing competition in DLS

In DLS this term our competition is to get creative and write a script or a news report based on something so mysterious, it remains unexplained. 

As an extension to this we rehearse and then video the reports. Pupils are marked on the quality of research, the writings skills of the script and the performance and editing of the final product.

There are 3 runners up this year, all achieving the same score but for different reasons. Harry Jermyn’s entry was about the Mary Celeste and how it was discovered poking out of the ground at Bethany! Harry scored very highly with his quality of research and final editing. Keelan Stubbs’ Bermuda Triangle report used some good, descriptive vocabulary and he filtered his research nicely into his story. Alfie Bennett researched and developed a news report around Atlantis. His script writing was edited to good effect and his characters were well developed. These pupils will receive a Level 3 Merit.

First place goes to Benji Stapleton for his entry based around a UFO sighting. His research used several sources and was weaved into his script effectively. The final edited news report was well rehearsed, the story was easy to follow and it had some very funny special effects. Mr Hampton makes a brief appearance before he is whisked away by aliens! Benji will gain a Level 4 Merit for his hard work.