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GCSE Results 2022: Pupils celebrate continued GCSE success at Bethany

Bethany pupils are basking in the glory of achieving highly in their GCSE examinations. They were well supported by their teachers and did not allow the trial and tribulations of Covid to adversely affect the diligent approach they took to their studies.

Nationally, the opinion of some was one of lowering expectations but in Bethany’s case this proved to be unfounded. When compared to the last examination year of 2019 Bethany pupils did better across the board.

The tailored approach that Bethany adopts in its teaching ensured that the pupils were expertly prepared for the examinations and they also received superb emotional support. The excellent standard of our remote teaching provision for these pupils in Years 9 and 10 ensured that the pupils were very well prepared for their Year 11 studies.

Bethany has a broad ability range, its profile is in line with the national average and once again the pupils outperformed conventional expectations. The top performing pupils this this year were Alex Boughton (Marden), Alex Duncan (Tonbridge), Lily Fraser (Linton) and Toby Sales (Plaxtol) who achieved grades 7-9 across the board.

Headmaster, Francie Healy, stated “It is not often that I am lost for words, but knowing these pupils as well as I do, I am immeasurably proud of them and their outstanding achievements. The pupils worked very hard and they were both supported and challenged by staff in the most productive way possible. It was a real team effort. The progress that Bethany pupils make at A Level is among the best in the country and I am looking forward to seeing this continued pursuit of excellence at A Level”.

Samuel, left in lead picture, said “I feel very happy about my results. I’m so pleased I came to Bethany, where they’ve helped me become the best version of myself. I want to give a special mention to my tutor who gave me the confidence and inspiration to achieve my best.”

Niamh, right in lead picture, said “I’m so happy with my results, I feel like I did really well and I am so grateful for all my amazing teachers who helped me. Bring on the next step.”


Alex, above, said “I am so happy with all of my results and excited for Bethany 6th form.” Mrs Duncan, mother of Alex, said “We are absolutely thrilled for Alex; he has worked so hard, and his results are well deserved. We cannot thank his teachers and all the staff at Bethany for their support enough – without which we do not feel he would have achieved such grades.”


Louisa, above left, said “I’m extremely happy especially for dance, art and English as these I have come the furthest. At the start of the year, I was at grade 6 and got a 9 on my exam. I am really thankful for all my teachers.”


Delilah, above right, said “I am happy with my results and thankful to all the teachers that helped and supported me.” Mrs Hutchings, mother of Delilah, said “Thank you, Bethany, for looking after Delilah these past 5 years. She is very pleased with her GCSE results, which should now allow her to continue her studies.”