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DLS competition Year 7 & 8

DLS Competition Year 7 & 8


This term, DLS students in year 8 were designing a game to support revision.  We learnt about how the brain retains information and the importance of including visual, auditory and kinaesthetic techniques in our revision.  Therefore, our games had to include all three of these elements and help pupils to revise a school subject.

In first place with his maths game titled “The Revision Game” was Toby.  In the peer evaluation he achieved the highest overall score and the teachers liked his interesting design for his board.  In second place were Maisie, Layla and India with their game “Monkey Mayhem”.  This game had a colourful and well thought through board and the range of questions about the rainforest was excellent.  The teachers felt you could learn a lot from playing this game. 

 The standard of games produced this year by year 8 was really high and the DLS Department are very pleased with all the work that was produced this term.

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This Term in DLS, Year 7 were tasked to design and construct a revision board game.  First they had to review popular board games to see what works well and what aspects they liked. Following this they worked in teams to put all their bright ideas together and trial their plans to trouble shoot issues and find solutions.  Making up the game was the final challenge. Last week they all had the chance to play each other’s games and mark down what they thought.

1st prize goes to Thomas Melia, Robert Sissons and Alex Donald. They developed a marvellous, imaginative game called Maths and Cash. The aim of the game is to move around the board answering maths questions. If you get them right you win cash, if you get them wrong you lose cash! Everyone who played thought this was a well designed and fun game with clear instructions and that it met the criteria about helping with revision.

2nd place goes to Ruby Peters, Lily Williams and Tilly Hirsch for their game called Escape the Flames. Flames chase you up the track as you roll the die and answer questions to stay alive. This ticked all the boxes for those that played; a truly original game.

Runner up goes to Cecily Chettiar and Amelia Bickford for their lucky dip game. They scored very highly for presentation and playability.