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DLS Blog Competition

Unexplained events…

Last term, year 9 DLS students researched a haunting or an unexplained event and then wrote a magazine blog reporting on their findings. There were a wide range of interesting articles to read and Mrs Sturrock is now too scared to go to bed at night!

Runners up were Ella Smith whose excellent use of pictures, anecdotes and information made her article about Stonehenge really interesting for the reader and Will McClure who used pictures, an excellent title, lots of spooky language and a good anecdote to inform his reader about the ghosts of Borley Rectory. Highly commended goes to Ethan Taylor for his well-written work on Pluckley Village and Logan Tabb for his spooky article about how to see the ghost of Ann Boleyn.

Chesh Sturrock
Teacher of DLS and EAL