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Design and Technology Scholars Trip

DT Trip 25th March 2022

The Design and Technology Scholars as well as the DT pupils taking A Level were warmly invited by Mark Adamson (parent of Holly in Year 13) to visit his brother-in-law and sister’s Cabinet Making workshop very close to the School

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We were given the pleasure of viewing the work the family are currently embarking on which is ‘The Fenland Black Oak Project’

We were given an amazing tour and talk about the table and the group of pupils (and staff) asked many questions. Seeing the table itself was astonishing. The research, planning and production of the project we were told had taken 10 years and the wood used was around 4800 years old. “A little bit older than you sir” was a comment from one of the pupils!

Some of the pupils aim to use the visit to help form part of their research section within their GCSE NEA work while we all learnt a great deal about wood as a material and how rare the Bog Oak really is.

Please do have a look at the attached links.

My thanks go to all involved for a great trip out.

Mr. Norman