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Construction begins on new Performing Arts Centre at Bethany

Bethany School are delighted to announce the official commencement of construction of our new Performing Arts Centre, with Baxall Construction having been contracted to complete the works.

The highly anticipated development has been in the planning since 2016. Covid delayed matters, but the excitement within the Bethany community was palpable as the construction finally started.


Bethany School Headmaster, Francie Healy, said, “Bethany places pupils at the centre of everything we do so that they are able to become the best possible version of themselves. Pupils are preparing for careers which do not yet exist, so it is of paramount importance that we equip them for proactive adaptability. We want them to see opportunities before others, so that they can take full advantage of life’s choices”.


Director of Performing Arts, Alex Bolton, added, “We never cease to be amazed at the growth in confidence and self-esteem our pupils gain from performing. We fervently believe everyone can develop and grow through their involvement in the Performing Arts”.

We are looking forward to watching the innovative building development, with expected completion in mid-2024.

Key features of our new Performing Arts Centre

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