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Celebrating pupil success in Year 7 & 8

Recognising and rewarding pupil success is hugely important and each week in Year 7 and 8 we award a “Student of the Week” in our Friday assembly.

Tutors are asked to nominate somebody from their groups who they believe to have had an excellent week and deserves an opportunity for public recognition of this. This could be awarded for academic success, demonstrating key Bethany values or for something that they have achieved outside of School such as charity work or representing their county for sport.

This term has seen the following awarded for their successes in our assemblies with a certificate and a Level 3 Merit:

Being able to congratulate our pupils in our year group assembly is a real high point of the week and we look forward to hearing about, and celebrating further success after Christmas. Please do keep tutors informed of any noteworthy achievements outside of school as we love to hear how our pupils are developing outside of Bethany as well. 

Mr R Clough
Assistant Head of Years 7 & 8