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Celebrating a positive start for Year 9 pupils

Mrs Wareham, Head of Year 9, celebrates pupil achievements and strengths and explains how to focus on the positives

As we are fast approaching longer, darker nights, it is important to see the positives. I have always been a ‘glass half full’ person and try to focus on the beauty of the changing seasons and the wonderful area in which we live.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done  without hope and confidence.—Helen Keller: Lined 6 x 9 journal, Helen  Keller quote on retro patterned background: Journals,  Mickey's:

Year 9 are coming up to their first formal set of reporting this academic year and so we have been looking at their achievements thus far. Initially, they were not too forthcoming, (it is surprising how hard it is to talk about our strengths!),but once we started discussing in school, out of school, academic, sporting, creative and regional achievements, we started to hear more.

It is notable that 13 of our boys make up the Year 9&10 rugby squad and 14 of our girls have been selected for the Year 9&10 hockey squad. This in itself is no mean feat, given the strength and intensity of the sport and the fact that they are playing up with the higher year group.

Rugby members are: David de la Roz Flynn, Will Dearing, Charlie Eddy, Eduardo Flores, Ben Henry, Ollie Hughes, Ben Krovina, Leo Lyndon Stanford, Oscar Scott, Henry Shaw, Jackson Skillicorn, Eddie Watson and Ayden Yussuf.

Hockey squad: Niamh Ainsworth, Indigo Busk-Cowley, Eve Carpenter, Kieki Chapman, , Safi Chettiar, Maisie Frankum, Izzy Harker, Olivia James, Layla Kemp, Rose Pettit, India Shimmin, Anna Stapleton, Summer Stewart Welch, Ellie Turner.

This term, we have welcomed some new pupils; from Spain; Pedro, Inigo and Eduardo. From the Ukraine, we have Oleksii and from the UK, Dylan and Lewis. One of the things all these pupils had in common when asked about their initial feelings about Bethany was their happiness at making new friends and being included in our community. This supports our view that Bethany is a welcoming and friendly place.

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Some pupils were keen to acknowledge that a move up in sets was a real positive and others were citing success in netball out of school. Handing in all prep on time and getting to all lessons on time were other positives.

In addition, we have many Year 9 pupils who have been chosen for the production this term:

Harriet Alexander, India Busk-Cowley, Eve Carpenter, Safi Chettiar, Charlie Eddy, Izzy Harker, Layla Kemp, Darcie Roberts, India Shimmin, Lewis St Clair Bishop and Ellie Turner.

Our School Council representatives this year are: Harriet Alexander and Holly Sui, who had to apply for their positions on the diversity council. Participation in Sports Day, art high fliers and winning sports matches at club level featured as other achievements. Oliva James gained a place in the London Pulse Netball Hub and Niamh Ainsworth came third in the South of England National Hockey Tournament .

I always say to pupils that the more they put into life, the more they will get out of it. This saying is particularly true of Bethany, with its range of diverse opportunities.

I look forward to celebrating more of the Year 9 successes as we move through the year and would like to congratulate them all for their great start.

I will finish with two of my favourite quotes:

“You are the greatest achievement of your own life.” (Sara Reece Brennan)

“An Optimist understands that life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere. They learn from mistakes and failures and are not afraid to try again.” (Harvey MacKay)

Mrs Wareham
Head of Year 9

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