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Bethany’s resilient pupils achieve highly at GCSE

This year was a year like no other but the resilient Year 11 pupils at Bethany did not allow this to negatively impact their academic focus and have attained outstanding GCSE results. The pupils achieved highly due to their sustained diligence, and the excellent guidance and support of the teaching staff.

This is particularly laudable given the disruption that they have experienced since March. Bethany’s focus on community and continuous emphasis on personal growth and development has once again reaped a rich dividend. This was exemplified by the record number of grade 9’s achieved by the pupils this year. In addition, English retained its 100% pass rate and not to be outdone, Mathematics mirrored this achievement. Bethany’s broad curriculum, which allows pupils to concentre on their strengths, was also evident in this exceptional set of results. A third of the pupils who studied Design Technology achieved grade 9, half the pupils who sat English Literature obtained the top two grades, while three quarters of the Artists secured grades 7 or higher.

Top of the class this year is Max Brown, from Cranbrook, who achieved a grade 9 in every subject.  He is closely followed by Dan Akowe (Dagenham), Ruqaiyah Jarviton (Maidstone), Harry Ip (Hong Kong) and Sebastian Smith (Maidstone) who all achieved top grades across the board.

Headmaster Francie Healy says: “Our exceptionally talented and dedicated staff have superbly guided the committed Year 11 pupils through these troubled waters. I am incredibly proud of every single pupil. The results obtained are both outstanding and well deserved. Last year Bethany was judged to be in the top 0.5% of schools nationally with regard to progress at A level, and therefore our pupils are well placed to secure stunning A level successes in two years’ time”.

Quotes from parents and pupils:

“I am very happy with the results I got. I was a bit nervous coming in but I’m glad I was able to see my friends!” Charlotte Noakes

“I am very happy with Charlotte’s results. There were no nasty surprises and the results were pretty much as expected which shows that Bethany know their pupils well and predicted fair grades.” Mrs Noakes

“Very pleasantly surprised by my results! I had a wonderful five years.” Charlotte Davenport

“Thank you, Bethany – wonderful teaching and wonderful School” Mrs Davenport

“Thank you, Bethany. You promised and you delivered an education sympathetic to my daughter’s needs. The School is a special place, and a very great example of everything that is rare in life these days.” Mr Ross

“I am so pleased with my GCSE results. I feel I could never have achieved my results without the fantastic teachers at Bethany.” Sophie Ovenden

“We are absolutely thrilled with Sophie’s results. They speak volumes of the brilliant School Bethany is. Sophie has had a wonderful experience here and we will always be grateful for everything.” Mrs Ovenden

“I am so pleased with my exam results. I shall miss Bethany and all the amazing staff and pupils.” Sophie Hamill

“It has been a lifetime journey for Imogen with dyslexia always being a challenge. We hoped for passes at GCSE which would have been amazing, but her grades have surpassed every expectation. Thank you to all the staff at Bethany. We would not have achieved such amazing results without your hard work and dedication.” Mrs Daddy

“I am amazed with my results. I am so pleased. I cannot thank all my teachers enough for all their support through these two years.” Imogen Daddy

“Its been an amazing five years. I can’t thank the staff enough for giving me such an amazing secondary School experience.” Dan Akowe

“I’m feeling great today because my exam results are far better than I expected. I hope others have the same experience.” Leon Monk

“I have to say that, when I look back at where Alexis was before he came to Bethany, it is quite phenomenal. It is a huge credit to the school to have helped him achieve such wonderful results. It is not just the quality of the teaching but, perhaps even more importantly, the confidence that the School has instilled in Alexis which enabled him to really achieve his potential (and beyond). My thanks to all the teachers and everyone else at the School that has been involved with his teaching, his extracurricular activities and his pastoral care. I know he will be looking forward to coming back at the beginning of September (especially as he will be coming back as a boarder)!” Mrs Casdagli