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Bethany School Purchase SAMBA II Covid Testing Machine

As is currently being highlighted in the media, there is a huge gap between the demand for Covid tests and getting the results. It is likely that this will get worse before it gets better.

This delay in testing could cause disruption to the smooth operation of Bethany School. It is likely that the biggest disruption will not be the number of people who may get Covid, but the numbers of staff and pupils who have to self-isolate whilst they are waiting to get tested, and subsequently waiting for the test results to come through, almost all of which will be negative.

In order to mitigate this problem, Bethany School have made the decision to purchase a SAMBA II Covid testing machine which can provide a test result within just two hours. It is expected that this machine will be installed and fully operational by Thursday, 24th September. This machine can test between six and 12 samples in a day and requires specific training to operate it.

This machine will be used to test symptomatic staff, staff households (which are symptomatic), residents in occupied boarding houses (Orchard, Mount and Kendon) and symptomatic pupils.

Anyone who tests positive will have to follow the advice of the relevant authorities and will be advised to take the NHS test and therefore get a second opinion.

The purchase of the SAMBA II machine is the latest addition to an extensive list of other health and safety measures and procedures that have been put in place at Bethany School to help keep the campus Covid secure. These are highlighted in a new video; The Safe Reopening of Bethany School.

Headmaster, Francie Healy says: “The purchase of the SAMBA II machine should ensure a rapid testing response time and therefore minimise disruption to the normal practices of our School. Our staff continue to work tirelessly to ensure that Bethany remains a safe place for our pupils to learn.”

Lizzie Norman,
Marketing Manager