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Art Scholar Showcase, 20th November

​Georgia joined Bethany School in Year 7 as one of our youngest budding Art scholars. In the year that she has been with us at Bethany, she has shown us already that she is so ambitious and willing to try many new techniques and medias in her work to really push and challenge herself. With each piece of work that she completes she is improving and creating her own style of work which is so pleasing to see. She is a fearless young artist and is always sharing her fantastic work and ideas with her Art teachers, looking for advice and guidance as to how to further improve.

Georgia has clearly been inspired by the natural world, much like her Art teacher Mrs Smart, who also takes inspiration from nature in her own work. Georgia loves the vibrant colours and patterns that nature has to offer, and this is so evident in her own work.

Georgia has been set an Art scholar challenge of creating a self-portrait in the style of Melissa Wilcox. We set our scholars many challenges throughout the academic year to not only help their artistic skills grow, but also to help build their confidence in their own ability as an artist. Georgia has already made a wonderful start to this, exploring the detail in a human eye, and is practicing capturing all of the detail within it. With Georgia’s ambition and creative flare, I am sure she will go on to create a beautiful and personal response to this challenge.

Nicola Brown, 
Head of Textiles