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Allergies and Anaphylaxis

The Wellness Centre – Allergies and Anaphylaxis



It is very important that pupils please do not bring nuts or any product that may contain nuts to school.  Although we are NOT a ‘nut free’ school we MUST STILL be mindful that nuts especially peanuts can be life threatening to some pupils.

Allergies are common, particularly food allergies. Most classes at Bethany will have at least one or two children that suffer from an allergy of some description.

An allergic reaction is an abnormal bodily response to a trigger which can be ingested, injected, inhaled or have contact with. There are a range of different responses. Some allergic reactions can be so severe that they are life threatening. This is called anaphylaxis. A well-known cause of anaphylaxis is nuts specifically peanuts. We have pupils at Bethany who suffer with anaphylactic reactions and who carry an adrenaline auto injector (AAI).


Staff and pupils at Bethany are educated and trained to use AAIs and how to recognise anaphylaxis. Symptoms must be recognised early and treated quickly and if a pupil needs an AAI, it MUST be delivered quickly. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include.

Any pupil who suffers with an allergic reaction or food intolerance is asked to follow these simple rules whilst in Bethany School.

  1. Do not exchange food with other pupils
  2. Avoid eating anything with unknown ingredients
  3. If you have a food allergy/intolerance, be sure to pick up a food allergy card in the canteen and follow the instructions set out by the kitchen staff
  4. Be proactive in the care and management of their allergy/intolerance. This includes carrying an in-date AAI is they are prescribed one and what actions to take if they are exposed to their allergen/intolerance
  5. Please notify a member of staff if they have eaten something or been exposed to something and they believe they are having a reaction to it, however small or report directly to the Wellness Centre.
  6. Wear a medical alert bracelet if their allergy is severe or life threatening, and they feel comfortable to do so.

We ask parents/guardians to please educate your children about their allergies and intolerances. If they carry an AAI ensure they are always carrying it with them and that there is spare in date medication in the Wellness Centre. It is ultimately the parents’ responsibility to ensure that AAIs kept for the child are in date but the nurses check them regularly and inform you if it needs replacing.

If your child does have an allergy or intolerance, please alert the Wellness Centre either by email on or ensure you have completed a medical form. If you are concerned about food they may consume, highlight this in your email and we will get the catering manager Edward Baldwin to get in contact with you. Keep the school updated yearly with your child’s allergies/intolerances as allergies and intolerances change as do members of staff.

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