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A Day at the River for Year 7 Geographers

A day at the river as Year 7 Geography pupils visit Juniper Hall

On Friday 29th April, all of Year 7 visited Juniper Hall FSC centre, with the aim of investigating how the River Tillingbourne changes as you travel downstream. For most of our pupils this was their first experience of Geography fieldwork and the Geographical Enquiry process. Pupils began the day with a classroom session at the centre, with Simon and Alice, our tutors for the day. After this we visited two sites, where pupils worked in small groups to collect data on the width, depth and velocity of the river. Pupils will now be writing up their investigation and analysing their results in lessons. A special mention to Thomas E, Thomas M and Lily W, who were brilliant both in the classroom and out in the field. My thanks also to Mr Roberts, Mrs Harper and Mrs Rowell, who accompanied me on the trip.

Mrs Shaw – Head of Geography

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