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Bethany Ski Trip: Austria 2024

February half term saw 37 pupils and five staff members head to the snow-covered peaks of Zillertal, Austria.

For five glorious days, the group immersed themselves in the breathtaking landscapes of Zillertal, enjoying perfect weather and crisp mountain air. Split into different abilities, each member received tailored training and coaching, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to progress and enjoy the slopes to the fullest.

Our adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and dedication of our wonderful instructors. Patient and knowledgeable, they provided invaluable guidance, making the skiing experience both safe and enjoyable for our pupils.

In between runs down the slopes, we indulged in the rich culinary delights of Austria. One memorable evening, we dined at a traditional Austrian restaurant, where our pupils enjoyed dishes like schnitzel, spinach dumplings, and hutten kartoffee, experiencing the flavours of the region firsthand.

As our skiing expedition drew to a close, we extended our journey with an overnight stay in Munich. Here, the pupils enjoyed a relaxed evening in The Holiday Inn in the centre of the city, complete with pizza for each room and a buffet breakfast the following morning.

Before bidding farewell to Germany, we took a cultural detour to the Deutsches Museum, enriching our minds with fascinating exhibits and insights into the world around us.

With hearts full of memories and new experiences, we embarked on our journey back to Nuremberg. Overall, with exhilarating moments, learning experiences and cultural exploration, the trip was a big success.


Mr Henson

Ski Trip Leader

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