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Year 11 subject fair

On Monday 24th February we had our annual ‘Year 11 Subject Fair’ in the Assembly Hall.

​​​​​​​This event is run by our Sixth Form pupils, for our Year 11 pupils, without a single teacher in the room (bar a watchful Mr Duff from the assembly hall doors!). The idea is that pupils have those raw conversations that help shape their A level subject choices to be the correct ones and, via talking to their peers and looking at their files, can see what they are getting into.

Last half-term Year 11 had a talk from Mr Hart Dyke (Head of Sixth Form) in regards to what Sixth Form at Bethany has to offer, and also heard from Mr Duff (Head of Careers) to get advice on subject choice combinations for certain careers. Last Monday’s ‘Subject Fair’ should have helped clarify pupils’ A level subject choices to make the decision an educated one and to ensure students know what they are getting into.

The ‘A level Subject Choices’ letter should have been returned to Mr Vickerman or the School Office by February 25th. If your child/ward is still struggling to decide upon their choices they should talk to their tutor for advice or come see Mr Duff (Room 20) or Mr Hart Dyke (Room 14).