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April 26, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The second week of the summer term at Bethany has gone well. Years 7 and 8 seem to have coped with their assessments, as did the pupils who have sat A level examinations in Photography and Art, as well as GCSE Art.

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The French GCSE speaking examination also went well as did the LIBF (Finance) examinations that some Sixth Form pupils sat.


Pupils in Years 10 and 11 and in the Sixth Form gained a lot out of the drug awareness talks that they attended on Monday.


I am looking forward to attending the Spring Concert which takes place in the Music School at 7pm on Tuesday evening next week.


Next weekend is a bank holiday weekend.  I will be attending the Year 13 Leavers’ Ball in The Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells on Friday night. If previous events are anything to go by, the Year 13 parents are better dancers than their children! Due to the bank holiday there will be no School on Monday 6th May.


I hope to see as many Year 10 parents as possible at tonight’s Year 10 Parent Teacher Meeting which starts at 5.15pm in the Assembly Hall.


I spoke to the pupils in my Wednesday assembly this week about kindness and how they need to be particularly considerate to each other during this stressful examination season.  I came across this quote which I thought I should share. ‘Kindness can make a bad day good, and a good day better.’ How very true.


Have a good weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

The first Bethany blog of the summer term has been written by Mr Bolton, Head of Key Stage 4 at Bethany. He writes about revision techniques and how even in our sleep our brain’s are still revising.

Are you looking to upgrade revision time? Key Stage 4 has the answer!


I would imagine many parents who have children in Year 11 are finding it very hard to believe that we are now approaching examination season. However we choose to frame education, pupils will always be tested through external examinations and this means a slight shift in your child’s learning habits. For many of our pupils, Year 11 subjects are now in the revision phase and this brings with it a fresh set of challenges. Memory recall, exam technique, time management and of course understanding examination questions will become the main priority in classes. So what can the parents do to make sure their child is prepped and ready for a life changing set of examinations?


Why not try these examples of Active Learning with your child?

  • Get active: note key points, make links in a spider diagram/mind map


  • Get creative: Draw a picture, write a story, get the playdough out – or pretend to be interviewed about it on a chat show.


  • Test Yourself: This forces your brain to practise retrieving the information from its memory banks, use past papers


  • Explain it to someone else… and get them to ask you questions. Your brain will work with the material in a new way, which will help to lodge it in your long-term memory.  If you can’t answer a question, you know you need to revise it a bit more.


  • Rehearse it: Look back over what you’ve learned at the end of every study session to consolidate the memory. And have another quick look the next day, week, and month. Use it or lose it.


  • Sleep on it: Your brain will rehearse the information but without any effort from your conscious self… Studies show that recall really does improve after you sleep – and similarly, marks go down if you don’t get enough sleep.



Over the course of this academic year Year 10 and 11 pupils have already engaged in study skills training which has developed their ability to achieve the following:


Memory techniques: Roman Room

Mentally picture a room in your house and select several items in it. For example: your bedroom = your bed, your lamp, your PC, your wardrobe… The basis of the Roman Room system is that things to be remembered are associated with these objects, so that by recalling the objects within the room, all the associated objects can also be remembered.


  • Mentally place the information on / in  / under / next to these places in your room – remember that the more unusual you can make these connections the better – you can use images to help you remember.


  • Mentally you can then walk around your room reciting your information.


  • The items in your room act as prompts for the information and the route you take around the room helps you remember the sequence.


  • At home you can physically put post-its with the information on these items of furniture and walk your route using a different room for each question.



As you can see revision is far more active than we may have experienced and takes on board the content most GCSE’s now demand on our children. It has been incredibly rewarding to see our pupils put these skills into practice and you may wish to try these techniques out at home.


I am so grateful to our Key Stage 4 tutors who have supported Year 10 and 11 pupils in their study skills. Through their hard work and diligence so many of our children have been supported academically and pastorally. Bethany asks our pupils to be the best they can be and our tutors provide a level of support that certainly enables that to be put into practice. Our tutors seek to promote excellence and it is simply a pleasure to work alongside a team that deliver this on a daily basis.


I have been very proud of our pupils achievements this term and equally impressed with how so many immerse themselves within the life of the school. One aspect this is deeply apparent is through our series of Key Stage 4 assemblies where each tutor group will deliver an informative presentation linked to their learning and the world they live. For me, it is so powerful to have a pupil who may not normally public speak, deliver an assembly to their peers. We have subsequently enjoyed presentations on; climate change, international women’s day and sustainable energy to name a few. Our pupils are very supportive of one another and despite a few nerves I am always in awe of the quality that is shared.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our GCSE pupils the very best for their forthcoming examinations. I strongly believe our pupils will achieve through preparation, hard work and a positive attitude that exudes resilience.


Mr Bolton

Head of Key Stage 4

Latest Sports News

The Bethany cricket season continued this week as the 1st XI were back in action, travelling away to take on Sutton Valance. The U13 teams also kicked off their cricket season, with home friendlies against Ashford School.

Cricket | Bethany 1st XI v Sutton Valance (away)

Bethany 1st XI’s second game of the season saw them travel to Sutton Valance, where they won the toss and elected to bat. Openers Charlie Thorne and Josh Hughes set the tone with a strong partnership of 62 runs. Josh showcased his class by carrying his bat throughout the innings, finishing unbeaten on a composed 74 runs. Bethany’s batting depth was evident as they posted a challenging total and only losing 3 wickets in the process.


In response, Sutton Valance faced a daunting task against Bethany’s bowling attack. Ollie Hughes struck early, claiming two wickets in his first over, setting the tone for Bethany’s dominance. Monty Farmer and Jo Jo Clements-Hunt contributed with crucial wickets, complemented by exceptional fielding efforts. Despite some resistance, Sutton Valance succumbed to Bethany’s relentless pressure, falling short by 94 runs.


Bethany secured a convincing victory, with Josh Hughes deservedly named Player of the Match for his pivotal innings. This win showcased Bethany’s all-round strength and determination to excel in the ongoing season.


Final result: Bethany – 146 for 3 and Sutton Valance – 52 all out

Player of the Match: Josh Hughes

Coaches Player of the Match: Jo Jo Clements-Hunt

Cricket | Bethany U13A v Ashford School

The U13A cricket team began their season with a training match against Ashford School on The Firs in what can only be described as arctic weather conditions.


For their first match together the team did very well, considering they were up a against a more surprisingly drilled opposition in Ashford than was expected. The opposition batted first and took every run on offer but as their innings went on, Bethany began to understand the pressure they needed to apply when fielding and so slowed some of the run scoring.


Everyone performed well but there were standout performances when fielding from Immy Morgan, Betsy Spruce, Isobel Andrews, Tula Cottingham and Darcey Stone.


The Bethany batting got off to a slow start, with some very accurate bowling and fielding from Ashford but the team stuck to their task and with some late order hitting and determined running between the wickets Bethany finished their innings strongly. A good test against a good Ashford team.


Player of the Match: Isobel Andrews

Cricket | Bethany U13B v Ashford School

On Wednesday, Bethany U13B played their first game of the season and for some of the team, it was their first cricket game ever.


This was a friendly, training game and was very much played in this spirit with lots of hits, tips and help from both teachers. Lots of fun cricket and improvement was witnessed throughout the afternoon.


All pupils batted well, but special mention goes to Holly Siu who made significant improvement in the accuracy of her bowl.


Player of the Match: Hole Sole

Coaches Player of the Match: Holly Siu

Cricket | Bethany U13C v Ashford School

The U13C cricket team hosted Ashford School C cricket team in a training match on Wednesday.


The Bethany team quickly developed their cricket understanding and skills as the pairs format match developed, which was great to see. Bethany won the toss and batted first with Lauren Baxter and Nelly Adams striking the ball well and scoring runs.


At the change of innings, improving bowling and fielding stops limited Ashford’s attacking shots and resulted in a narrow leading score for Bethany at the end of the first innings. The second innings saw Bethany improve their batting and particularly, quick running between the wickets to build on their score and set a challenge for Ashford.


Ashford chased with enthusiasm in their second innings but fell short due to quick reactions and chase downs in the field by the Bethany team, and notably by Mia Chikoto and Florrie Dearing who fielded well to limit run opportunities. Well done to the team and the cricketing improvements they achieved.


Player of the Match: Lauren Baxter

Coaches Player of the Match: Nelly Adams