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November 24, 2023

Headmaster’s Welcome


Dear Parents and Guardians,


As some of you may know, I am an ISI Inspector and was away from School for three days this week inspecting another school.  It is always a joy and privilege to visit other schools and to see them in action.

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With that said, I am glad to be back, as I have never inspected a school where I would rather work!


Year 11 trial examinations finished this week, and I hope that the pupils get their desired results.


Next week is yet another busy week of School life. There is a Year 13 Devised Performance on Monday evening and a Year 11 one on Tuesday evening. The Sixth Form Taster Day is on Wednesday, when our Year 11 pupils will spend a day as a Sixth Former attending Sixth Form lessons.


The boarding houses will have their Christmas outings on Wednesday and Thursday.


On Friday we have our Year 9 Parent Teacher Meeting. FOBS have also organised a Christmas wreath making event and this takes place in the Art School starting at 7.00pm.


I look forward to seeing as many Year 12 parents as possible at this evening’s Parent Teacher Meeting which will take place in the Assembly Hall and it starts at 5.15pm.


I will finish with a quote I saw recently by Estee Lauder, who cofounded her cosmetic company with her husband. She once said ‘I never dreamed about success. I work for it’.  How very true, there really is no substitute for hard work.


Have a good weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

Maths Header

This week’s Bethany blog has been written by Mr Manktelow, Head of Mathematics at Bethany School. He writes about making mistakes being an essential part in seeking excellence in mathematics and it providing an opportunity to develop resilience.

The Crucial Role of Errors in Learning Mathematics

Mathematics has long been regarded as a subject that demands precision, accuracy, and an unwavering commitment to getting things right. However, the importance of making mistakes in the process of learning mathematics cannot be overstated. Far from being stumbling blocks, mistakes are stepping stones on the path to mastery, they play a crucial role in the learning process and embracing them is essential for seeking excellence in mathematics. In the Bethany Mathematics Department mistakes are something that we encourage.


Making mistakes in mathematics is an inevitable part of the learning journey, they provide a valuable opportunity to develop resilience. Overcoming errors fosters a growth mindset, where challenges are seen as opportunities to learn and improve. Embracing mistakes helps students build the persistence that is needed to tackle more complicated mathematical problems with confidence.


Mistakes serve as powerful indicators of areas that require further attention and understanding. When a pupil makes an error, it highlights a specific concept or skill that needs reinforcement. By recognising and reacting to mistakes, pupils can pinpoint their weaknesses, allowing for targeted study and practice in those areas. Dr Frost is an incredible resource for this, with every incorrect answer stored and then ways to fix this suggested through ‘Clean Up’. This targeted approach to learning leads to a deeper understanding of mathematical principles.


The process of making mistakes encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When a pupil encounters an error, it prompts them to reconsider their approach, identify the source of the mistake, and explore alternative solutions. This reflective and analytical thinking not only improves mathematical proficiency but also nurtures a mindset that values the journey of problem-solving as much as the correct answer.


Being prepared to make mistakes creates an environment where they are accepted but also opens communication and collaboration. Pupils are more likely to engage in discussions, question what they are learning, and seek help when they feel safe making mistakes.


A fear of failure can hinder learning and stifle creativity. Embracing mistakes helps to dispel this fear by normalising the idea that errors are an integral part of the learning process. When pupils understand that making mistakes is not a sign of incompetence but an opportunity for improvement, they are more likely to approach mathematical challenges, question what they are learning, and have confidence and enthusiasm with what they are learning.


In the world of mathematics, making mistakes is not a setback but a stepping stone towards mastery. By embracing errors, learners can build resilience, identify weaknesses, foster critical thinking, promote a healthy learning environment, and overcome the fear of failure. So be prepared to make a mistake in your next lesson!


Mr Manktelow

Head of Maths

Latest Sports News

The latest news from the Bethany School sports department.


With no less than nine fixtures across three sports, it proved to be a busy, and successful, week for the Bethany sports teams.

Hockey | Bethany U13A v Battle Abbey v Radnor House

There was an interesting twist to the U13’s hockey match this week as the planned game against Battle Abbey evolved into a two-game mini tournament. The reason was that Radnor House turned up unexpectedly and so all teams agreed to play a tournament format which ensured that all schools got some game time.


The first game of the tournament saw Bethany play Radnor House. Initially, we could see that they had been playing together for a long time with some great passing hockey. Bethany held their own for the first few minutes with some great clearances from the defence.


Unfortunately, a well executed goal was scored from a deflection from Radnor House. This was closely followed by a second. However, for the last 5 minutes Bethany didn’t concede and played some excellent hockey!


Final score: Bethany 0-2 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Darcey Stone

Coaches Player of the Match: Tula Cottingham



After a 15 minute break, Bethany stepped out to face Battle Abbey. A very even matching saw Bethany mainly compete for the ball in the centre of the pitch. Isabelle Hindley and Immy Morgan were making some great tackles in the centre of the pitch.


With some great defending, Battle Abbey were barely getting any shots on goal but when they did, Matthew Clark had it under control and was saving some powerful shots.


The game ended 0-0 which was a fair score for the game played! All in all, it was a great (unexpected) tournament for the U13s.


Final score: Bethany 0-0 Battle Abbey

Player of the Match: Darcey Stone

Coaches Player of the Match: Isabelle Hindley

Hockey | Bethany U13B v Battle Abbey v Radnor House

The U13B’s took on Battle Abbey in the first match which began with both teams having early chances to score, but it was Battle Abbey who took the lead through a scrappy and lucky goal. The U13B’s certainly had the better opportunities, with both Nellie Adams and Betsy Spruce going close but for some excellent goal keeping from Battle Abbey. Bethany probably should have had a couple of penalty corners and with one of them being allowed to play on which led to a breakaway goal for Battle Abbey.


Final score: Bethany 0-2 Battle Abbey

Player of the Match: Martha Spruce



In the second match, Radnor House had the better of the game but with some excellent defending from Martha Spruce and good saves from Juniper Ambrose-Gordon (who was making her goal keeper debut) the score remained 0-0. Then, after a neat bit of skill from Cara Westmoreland which led to a great through ball for the forwards to run onto, it was Florrie Dearing who ran in to score the winning goal.


For most of both games, Bethany held their positions well with everyone wanting to play the ball, you could visibly see the team grow in confidence too, a pleasure to watch.


Final score: Bethany 1-0 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Florrie Dearing

Coaches Player of the Mini Tournament: Betsy Spruce, Holly Sole and Nellie Adams

Hockey | Bethany U15 v Dover College

Bethany U15 hockey team exhibited a dominant performance against Dover College on Tuesday, asserting control from the initial whistle.


The team orchestrated numerous scoring opportunities and efficiently capitalised on them. Leah Carnegie, seizing three opportunities at the back post, delivered a remarkable hat trick.


VIDEO: Cecily scores for Bethany from a penalty corner


With 4 goals on the board at half time, Bethany were able to control the game showing great maturity in transferring the ball around the back, drawing the opposition out to then attack in the spaces left vacated behind their backline.


A great performance ended with Bethany winning 9-0.


Final score: Bethany 9-0 Dover College

Player of the Match: Cecily Chettiar

Coaches Player of the Match: Leah Carnegie








Hockey | Bethany 1st XI v Battle Abbey v Claremont

On Thursday, the Bethany 1st XI hockey team played a triangular tournament against Battle Abbey and Claremont.

In the first game Bethany played against Battle and had a brilliant chance to go one nil up only to miss narrowly, Battle went to the other end and scored what can only be described as a sucker punch goal. Battle then scored early in the second half to double their lead. Elsa Taylor then scored a superb solo goal to make it half the deficit.


With great determination to score and equaliser at the end it unfortunately didn’t come but a great game of hockey.


Final score: Bethany 1-2 Battle Abbey

Player of the Match: Millie James



The second match was against Claremont and this proved to be a much tougher game for Bethany.


Although creating a great chance early on again from a superb ‘Hail Mary pass’ from Elsa Taylor, who spotted a great run from Ella smith, the Bethany team were unable to capitalise and score.


Unfortunately, Claremont then scored 3 quick goals and put the game to bed.


Final score: Bethany 0-3 Claremont

Player of the Match: Stella Flynn

Rugby | Bethany 1st XV v Ashford School (away)

The 1st XV rugby team travelled to Ashford School on Thursday afternoon.


The match was played at a fast pace with both teams moving the ball quickly from the contact areas into the wide channels. Ashford struck first with some direct running and quick hands through multiple phases resulting in a try in the corner. Bethany responded well and created two golden try scoring opportunities while camped in the Ashford 22m area, but unfortunately a spilt ball prevented a levelling score.


After absorbing the pressure, Ashford broke away to score their second try and take the score to 12-0. Bethany responded again with phase pressure of their own and forced a penalty, which Charlie Thorne knocked over for 3-12. From the restart Bethany failed to gather the ball and Ashford ran through to score their third try.


From the next restart Bethany again found themselves on the front foot and with some strong forward runs to gain field position, the back line was released and a good running line and pass from Luca Chettiar put centre partner James Candeloro into space for a run to the line and a score. The conversion brought the half time score to 10-19.


VIDEO: James shows great acceleration to break away and score


After the break, Bethany continued to defend and attack well, with Robert Vizard and Charlie Thorne notably putting tackles in all over the pitch. James Candeloro, George Vincent and Charlie Baker were also running good lines in attack. Ashford did cross for the first try of the half, but this was quickly followed by James Candeloro going over for his second score in an end-to-end match.


As the game broke up and the ball became lose with lots of field space, Ashford ran in another try, and soon after, Lawrie Pettit pounced on a loose ball after a good line break and sprinted over for his first senior rugby try.


VIDEO: Lawrie scores his first senior rugby try


As the match entered the final five minutes and Bethany were visibly fatigued, Ashford moved the ball wide quickly and crossed for a well worked try before an entertaining match was rounded off by an Ashford drop goal with the final kick of the game.


Final score: Bethany 24-34 Ashford School

Player of the Match: James Candeloro & Robert Vizard

Coaches Player of the Match: George Vincent

Football | Bethany U13A v Radnor House

Bethany U13A hosted Radnor House on Wednesday.


Adopting a new formation with some players playing in new positions, Bethany started brilliantly well with constant pressure on the Radnor House backline through winning the ball high up. Max Morgan and Freddie Cavill were superb in central midfield, showcasing strong, dominant and calm performances.


The constant pressure finally showed when Ollie Scott broke through on goal and slotting the ball into back of the net. Max Morgan and Freddie Cavill made it 2 and then 3 shortly after.


The second half continued in the same fashion. Seb Hickmott, on his Debut for the A team, had a superb game and scored a screamer with his left foot, which flew into the top corner. Stanley Faulkner finished off the scoring, making it 6-0 overall.


After a couple of very difficult games for the A team, they showed real togetherness and determination to get a great result.


Final score: Bethany 6-0 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Freddie Cavill

Coaches Player of the Match: Seb Hickmott







Football | Bethany U13B v Radnor House

The U13B football team hosted Radnor House on a dry but cold Wednesday afternoon.


The game started well for the home team with them dominating the game in every area. After a couple of missed chances for the home team, their new addition Oliver Candeloro struck from distance, beating the keeper to give Bethany a 1-0 lead. It was more of the same for Bethany after that as the chances kept coming, but they couldn’t capitalise, much to their frustration. Just as the halftime whistle was going to be blown, Eduardo Fernandez found himself with an open goal form two yards out after a good save from the keeper rebounded to him, but on his weaker foot he pushed the ball just wide of the post.


The second half started very much like the first with Bethany pressing for another goal. They didn’t have to wait long before Eduardo Fernandez weaved his way into the box and tucked the ball away to make the score 2-0.  A few moments later, Bethany captain Felix Hardie scored to further increase the score line to 3-0. With a healthy score line and control of the play, Bethany became a bit too confident and pushed players forward looking for more goals, this opened space in the middle of the pitch and Radnor found themselves in on goal after quick long passing, the opposing striker tucked the ball into the bottom corner to pull one back.


As the match entered the final minutes, Radnor forced a corner and a scramble across the goal line resulted in the ball landing at the feet of a Radnor player, who tucked it way to make it 3-2. Bethany now had a game on their hands but dug deep, winning tackles, and creating more chances including a good finish by Steve Kakouris for a deserved fourth team goal, however, it was unfortunately chalked off for an offside earlier in the play. Bethany held strong to the final whistle to win the game 3-2.


Final score: Bethany 3-2 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Alfie Munthali

Coaches Player of the Match: Harry Russell






Football | Bethany U15A v Radnor House (away)

Bethany travelled to Radnor House who have a reputation for fielding very good sides. Bethany therefore were hoping to compete on a level playing field with a strong squad selection themselves. As expected, Radnor House fielded a very strong side with some good individuals in key positions. It was evident from the start that Bethany would have to be at their very best to achieve a favourable result.


In the first half, both sides attacking attempts were fluent and precise, but all early attempts were stopped by very good defensive display from both sides. Radnor’s stand out striker eventually broke through the Bethany back line, shooting from a tight angle with the ball heading towards our goal. Hux, diving fully stretched to his right, managed to tip the ball around the post for a corner.


From the early exchanges it was key that Bethany needed to score first to have any chance of success. Daniel Garcia then broke into the opposition 18 yard box and was subsequently tripped, he remained standing only to lose and then gain back possession. Once again Daniel attempted to dribble past the same defender, whose tackle connected with Daniel, not the ball, and a penalty was awarded. Daniel elected to take the penalty himself, shooting hard into the corner, sending the goalkeeper in the opposite direction in the process, 1-0 to Bethany. Radnor House were not deterred and continued to press for an equaliser. With five minutes remaining in the first half, their striker collected the ball and drove towards our goal. Hux rushed out and when the Radnor striker shot and made a fantastic diving save. Our defenders who had a great game, then cleared the defensive lines. Radnor won back possession in their defending third, but our forward Leo closed them down with great determination, he then chased down the goalkeeper who attempted to kick the ball out of play. Leo blocked and with the ball at his feet passed the ball into Radnor’s empty net to make it 2-0 to Bethany.


The second half was fiercely contested and within 10 minutes Radnor House had scored their first goal. With the game on a knife edge, both teams battled for supremacy, but with 15 minutes to go Radnor had a serious injury and the game was stopped for eight minutes. When the game started Bethany had 10 minutes to either score or not concede. Radnor House did everything they could to get the ball in our defending third as often as possible. They had some good chances to equalise, but Bethany remained resolute. The final score was 2-1 to Bethany.


It was a fitting end to the season, Bethany U15A played 8 games, and won 7 of those.


Well done and thank you to all players and supporting parents.


Final score: Bethany 2-1 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Chris Hanslip-Ward

Coaches Player of the Match: Lucien Franklin





Football | Bethany U15B v Radnor House (away)

The U15B football team travelled to Radnor House on Tuesday afternoon, and after last week’s heavy loss, they were hoping to make amends with a good performance this week.


Bethany started on the front foot, attacking with intent and Henry Shaw had a well worked shot cleared off the line within 10 seconds of the game starting. The game settled and developed into an end-to-end match with both sides having chances to score, but both defences were playing well and coming out on top. Bethany got a deserved breakthrough when Thomas Gerrish released Jacob Chesterton, who then drove down the left side of the pitch, skipping around Radnor’s midfield with ease. He then played a precise pass to Felipe Ayala Calero who beat two Radnor defenders and passed the ball to David De La Roz Flynn who was waiting in the middle of the box, he then slotted the ball into the back of the net home to give Bethany a 1-0 lead just before half time.


The second half started in the same way the first half finished, with both teams playing attacking football. The home team kept pushing for an equaliser, but both Lewis Stone, who was recently back from injury, and Jackson Skillicorn were having very strong games with effective defending, and ensured Radnor could not capitalise on any attacks. Bethany were playing uphill in the second half and with the pitch deteriorating, they were struggling to move the ball with accuracy and play team football, although individuals were battling well and having good games.


Midway through the second half, Felipe received the ball on the left hand side of the box, and with a strong determined run, dribbled the ball past 3 players to then score a fantastic goal and double the lead. As the match drew to a close, some good passing led to Henry Shaw receiving the ball in space inside the penalty area and his well struck shot hit the back of the net for a 3-0 lead to Bethany. With the last play of the game, Radnor made a run for goal which resulted in a penalty. and with the last kick of the game Radnor’s penalty taker hit the ball with power straight at Bethany’s goalkeeper Michael Sargeant, who saved it and then cleared the ball away to keep his clean sheet.


Final score: Bethany 3-0 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Jackson Skillicorn and Felipe Ayala Calero

Coaches Player of the Match: Michael Sargeant