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February 23, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope you had a most enjoyable half term break. The pupils who went on the ski trip to Austria during half term had a brilliant time and I would like to thank the staff for giving up their half term to make sure this was possible.

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Year 10 pupil, Livi Dawson, together with her younger sister Clem, represented Bethany School at the Junk Kouture World Finals in Monaco this week, and won the Junior Designer Award. This is a terrific achievement and therefore Livi and Clem are in effect World Champions in Junk Kouture. They have been invited to take part in the World Happiness Summit next month in London, and I hope they will have a great time there.


Our Year 10 pupils sit their examinations next week, and I wish them the best of luck in them.


Bethany played in 8 sporting fixtures this week and won 6 of them. A couple of fixtures were postponed due to the inclement weather.


I would like to remind you that there is a FOBS Wine Tasting evening on Saturday 9th March, and you can purchase tickets using this link or by contacting the School Office directly.


Our Annual Festival of Scholars event is on tonight, starting at 6.00pm in the Science building. It is always a great evening, and it is lovely to see all the talented pupils showcase their abilities so well.


Finally, I will leave you with a quote from Winston Churchill. “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”. That is so true, and the world always looks a much brighter place for enthusiastic people.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

The latest Bethany Blog of the Spring Term has been written by Claire Mills, Head of Years 7 & 8 and Assistant Head of DLS at Bethany School. She writes about the Year 7 & 8 day room buzzing with new game additions, which has encouraged not just loads of fun but also personal development, better communication and successful conflict resolution.

What’s Air Hockey got to do with it?

In the busy and bustling Year 7 & 8 day room, recent new additions, courtesy of the Friends of Bethany School (FOBS) Committee, have sparked excitement and camaraderie among our pupils – a football table and an air hockey table. Beyond their intended purpose of a source of entertainment, the introduction of these games tables has provided a unique opportunity to witness the personal development and growth of our pupils in unexpected ways.


As the air hockey and football tables became a focal point during break and lunchtimes, it quickly became evident that its impact extended far beyond the games themselves; the pupils’ engagement with the games tables reflected their personal development.



The tables serve to engage in friendly competition and collaborative play. In the heat of the game, they learn to communicate effectively with their peers, develop strategies, and work together towards a common goal. The development and practice of respectful dialogue and teamwork allow pupils to cultivate valuable interpersonal skills that are essential for success both inside and outside the classroom.


Anyone who has played an 11- or 12-year-old at air hockey will not be surprised to learn that conflict resolution and empathy come to the fore. In the spirited atmosphere of the games tables, conflicts inevitably arise from time to time. However, these moments provide valuable opportunities for pupils to practice conflict resolution and empathy. Through open dialogue, active listening, and support to develop a genuine understanding of each other’s perspectives, they learn to resolve conflicts and cultivate empathy towards their peers. We will be exploring the use of pupil voice to ensure that access to the table is fair and equitable, furthering these skills.



Another aspect of development observed is problem-solving and critical thinking. The games tables present pupils with a series of challenges that require quick thinking and strategic decision-making. As they anticipate their opponent’s moves and adapt their strategies accordingly, they engage in critical thinking and problem-solving processes. They learn to analyse situations, make informed decisions, and adjust their approach in real-time – skills that are invaluable in academic pursuits and everyday life. Once, when the excitement became too great and a break was needed, the air hockey playing pieces were removed, and the pupils worked together to devise replacement parts out of Lego. The pupils were congratulated on an ingenious solution, but sadly the Lego was not deemed a suitable substitute.


The games tables became a catalyst for building relationships and fostering a sense of community among pupils of different ages and interests. Through friendly competition and shared experiences, laughter, camaraderie, and mutual support, it is heartening to see shared experiences that strengthen our school community. As pupils encounter moments of triumph and defeat, celebrate victory or face setbacks, they demonstrate resilience and sportsmanship in their interactions.


The introduction of the games tables has become more than just a recreational activity – it has become a symbol of personal growth, collaboration, and community within our school. We will continue to encourage and support our pupils as they navigate the journey of personal development, embracing each opportunity for growth with enthusiasm and resilience.


Claire Mills

Head of Years 7 & 8 and Assistant Head of DLS

Latest Sports News


The latest sports news from Bethany School. This week saw a busy week of fixtures, despite some horrendous weather, and included a National Cup quarter final fixture for the Bethany 1st XI football team as well as a number of netball and hockey matches.

Football | Bethany 1st XI v Milton Abbey

The Bethany 1st XI football team travelled to a neutral venue on Tuesday afternoon to play Milton Abbey in the National Cup quarter final. The team who Bethany faced were runners up in this very competition last year, so a tough game was certain to be in store.


Both teams started slowly, and with Bethany struggling to string passes together, Milton Abbey became the dominant side. Within 20 minutes Bethany found themselves conceding two goals, both coming in a similar fashion. Good passing patterns from Milton Abbey led to crosses from the Bethany left side, and on both occasions they travelled past the entire goal to be scored by Milton Abbey’s oncoming right winger.


Bethany continued to battle, and managed to conjure several attempts on goal, however every attempt was thwarted by the Milton Abbey goalkeeper. Bethany grew in confidence, dominating the play in the last ten minutes of the first half, and after a combination of passes Archie Cashman collected the ball, looked up and shot from outside the box. The ball nestled in the back of the net to bring to score to 2-1 as the half time whistle blew.


The second half was mostly dominated by Milton Abbey, they received and passed the ball well, and looked to switch the play as often as possible. Bethany defended well in numbers, making some fantastic last ditch tackles. Being under constant pressure began to takes its toll on the Bethany team, resulting in conceding two late penalties. Both penalties were confidently dispatched to bring the final score to 4-1 to Milton Abbey.


Congratulations to Milton Abbey on a deserved victory. They could have won by more if not for the excellent defensive display from the Bethany team. We wish Milton Abbey the best of luck in the semi final and hope they go on to win the entire competition.


Final score: Bethany 1-4 Milton Abbey

Netball | Bethany U13A v Dover College

With many of the Year 8 girls absent this week we were pleased to have Millie Liddiard and Isabelle Hindley to help us out with our match against Dover. With Dover struggling to get to us in the bad weather we had a shorter match this week of two 7 minute halves.


In the first half of the game Bethany started very well with Isobel Andrews (GS) and Isabelle Hindley (GA) moving the ball well round the shooting circle and getting two goals. Matty Clark (C) did a great job bringing the ball down through court and then switching straight to defence as soon as there was a turnover to Dover College. A last minute goal from Dover left the first half finishing 2-3 to Dover.


In the second half Bethany struggled when trying to get the ball out of our defensive third with some very tight and close arms over pressure from Dover, which gave them a lot of attempts at goal. Martha Spruce took a lot of good rebounds and interceptions off a quick attack end.


Final score: Bethany 2-10 Dover College

Player of the Match: Martha Spruce

Coaches Player of the Match: Matty Clark

Netball | Bethany U13B v Dover College

The weather played another significant part in this fixture with the A’s and B’s having to share the sports hall – and with Dover College arriving late due to traffic we only had time for 2 x 7 min halves each.


U13Bs started strong with some excellent defending by Betsy Spruce who made a lot of interceptions stopping the opposition getting the ball into their shooters.


Holly Sole made her debut in the team and played an enthusiastic Centre, marking her opponent well. Darcey Stone moved well in the shooting circle scoring well.


Final score: Bethany 3-0 Dover College

Player of the Match: Imogen Morgan

Coaches Player of the Match: Betsy Spruce

Hockey | Bethany U15A v Beechwood Sacred Heart

The U15A Team played Beechwood Sacred Heart School on Tuesday afternoon. The team played three 20-minute thirds to allow plenty of substitutions and analysis about where improvements could be made.


With previous performances against other teams showing promise, it was all set up to be a good game. Bethany took their time to settle into the game, and although dominating possession and territory, Bethany struggled to impact around the D and create clear shooting opportunities.


In the second session and with quicker passing alongside more movement in the attacking end of the pitch; effective opportunities were created to score and consequently, Bethany took a 2-0 lead. The team continued to play the ball quickly out of congestions, through the channels and play with width as the wing backs pushed forward. This continued to keep the pressure on Beechwood. On the few occasions required the Bethany defence stood firm with well-timed tackles to regain possession and launched swift attacks on the Beechwood team.


Ollie Hughes and Oscar Scott were both very effective, transitioning the ball from defence into attacking plays, with Lucas Shippers always available and skilled on the left side and Noah Mund pushing forward effectively from the middle of the pitch.


In the remining minutes of the second third and the final third itself, Bethany continued to press effectively and create chances with players hitting the post, the cross bar and the Beechwood keeper making several saves.


A special mention goes to Hux Maunder Allen who created opportunities for teammates with accurate stick work and with driving runs into the D, and scored 4 excellent goals on the day, a great achievement.


VIDEO: Hux scores


VIDEO: Hux scores again


Final score: Bethany 7-0 Beechwood Sacred Heart

Coaches Player of the Match: Noah Mund

Player of the Match: Ollie Hughes

Hockey | Bethany U13A v Radnor House

Bethany U13A hosted Radnor House on Wednesday afternoon in their toughest match to date. Playing a team with greater experience and several players who play regularly outside of school in the same team, Bethany needed to be at the best and use their experience to date. Bethany approached the match in good spirit and went into the game with a positive attitude.


There were some good plays from both teams throughout the whole game but unfortunately, the experienced Radnor House team were more accurate in the final third and converted several of their opportunities. Bethany played well, upping their level and created opportunities, as Oliver Scott and Nico De Widt in particular worked their way up the pitch with great energy to test the Radnor defence and goalkeeper.


A special mention also goes to Henry Greig who made some incredible tackles on the left-hand side playing with energy and intensity throughout the match. A special mention also goes to Stephen Kakouris, playing as goalkeeper in his fixture with the A team. Steven was agile and reactive in goal, making several excellent along with clearing the ball out of the shooting circle throughout the match.


Despite the score line at the end, it was a good experience for the U13A which enable the team and coaches to identify areas of improvement for the next match. Well done to all those involved playing against a more experienced opposition!


Final score: Bethany 0-7 Radnor House

Coaches Player of the Match: Henry Greig

Player of the Match: Nico De Widt

Hockey | Bethany U13B v Radnor House

On a very, wet and windy afternoon, the U13B took on Radnor House who from the start of the match, looked like they had the more experienced hockey players. However, after some excellent fast and wide play hockey, it was the U13 ‘B’s who took the lead with Oscar Hughes sweeping in the first of his 4 (four) goals of the match. Oscar had an excellent game up front as he took up great positions in the scoring ‘D’ that allowed his team mates to find him and for him to put away his goals.


Every time the U13B’s scored, Radnor House managed to find a way to level the score and on the stroke of half-time Radnor House had the chance to go ahead only to be thwarted by a wonderful defensive tackle from a determined Alfie Munthali to keep the game evenly poised at 2-2.


Radnor began the second half with a lot more conviction but with a strong defensive performance from Harry Jermyn, who halted several of Radnor’s attacks as well as leading their attackers away from goal on other occasions, Radnor House were unable to get the goals they were searching for.


Arthur Twyman’s playmaking and control in midfield meant the U13B’s were able to maintain a good grip on the match. His passes out of defence and into attack were excellent. When the U13B’s lost the ball, it was Arthur (Twyman) who went looking for it to help the U13B’s set up another attack.


Heading into the last 3 minutes of the match the game was set at 3-3 but it was then that the U13B’s, who scored their fourth goal and then kept Radnor House from levelling so that the U13B’s could hold on for the win. An excellent performance from the whole team and they thoroughly deserved the victory.


Final score: Bethany 4-3 Radnor House

Player of the Match:  Oscar Hughes – for his 4 goals and all round excellent Forward play

Coaches Player of the Match: Arthur Twyman – for being the team’s playmaker. Alfie Munthali and Harry Jermyn – both for some great defensive work.

Hockey | Bethany U13C v Radnor House (away)

The U13C hockey team travelled to Sevenoaks Hockey Club on Wednesday to play Radnor House. In very wet conditions, all players were excellent. The team started well, moving the ball accurately and creating forward momentum. Several chances soon came the way of Bethany as they settled into the game and dominated possession. Andrew Stubblefield and Toby Chapman were pivotal in midfield, Andrew with sharp stick skills dribbling around players, and Toby driving forward with strong physical runs and good ball retention in tackles.


Harry Russell was a threat out wide, always available to receive in space and drive into the shooting circle, while any break away by the Radnor team was quickly defended and turned into attacking play by Oliver Marten and Hamish Henderson. Slick passing moves and strikes on goal were often thwarted by the Radnor goalkeeper or resulted in short corners during the half.


Oliver Candeloro was very solid in goal on debut, and on the few occasions he was called into action during the first half, he commanded the goal and cleared his lines very well. Bethany eventually broke the deadlock midway through the half and scored 3 more goals to take a 4-0 lead into the break.


Bethany continued where they left off in the second half, pressing for goals with good all-round hockey play. With lots of player rotation the standard remained impressive, and opportunities continued to come Bethany’s way from good pressing play. Bethany added to the half time tally with 6 unanswered goals in a very good performance for a team still learning the game.


Pick of the goals came from a Hamish Hendersons forward ball, followed by quick link up play between Toby Chapman and Andrew Stubblefield, and a killer pass into Stanley Faulkner who coolly slotted the ball into the bottom corner. A special mention goes to Toby Chapman who scored 5 goals on the day.


Final score: Bethany 10-0 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Toby Chapman

Coaches Player of the Match: Andrew Stubblefield




Hockey | Bethany U13D v Radnor House (away)

On Wednesday Bethany U13D travelled to Sevenoaks to play against Radnor House, Bethany U13D displayed exceptional skill and dominance on the field.


The tone was set early by an impressive defensive performance from Frank Cavill at centre back, Bethany maintained control throughout the match.


Bethany quickly asserted their superiority, netting two goals early in the first half. Though Radnor House managed to pull one back, it only served to fuel Bethany’s determination. They responded with a flurry of goals, showcasing their fluid ball movement and clinical finishing.


The match concluded with an impressive victory for Bethany. This commanding performance is a testament to their hard work and cohesion as a team.


Final score: Bethany 9-1 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Frank Cavill

Coaches Player of the Match: Nathanial McEwan-Moore