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June 14, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our GCSE and A level pupils seem to take their examinations in their stride and feedback from this week’s examinations has once again been positive.  I have also been impressed with how well our Year 9 pupils have coped with their end of year examinations this week.

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I enjoyed the Year 12 Drama performance on Tuesday night. It was wonderfully performed and was also the last Drama production we will have in the current drama studio.


Next week is Diversity Week. There are a range of events planned to celebrate differences. There is also a “Sponge the Teacher” competition on Thursday with the proceeds going to charity and I hope that the children will be kind to me as I will be putting my head on the block literally!


Saturday, of course, is Speech Day/Leavers’ Day/Reunion Day. It is a compulsory day of School. Pupils arrive from 10am with their parents and leave after Prizegiving which should finish around 12.30pm. In the centre of campus, there will be various subjects on display as well as drama and music performances in addition to some refreshments. If you haven’t already done so, please email my PA to confirm your attendance at the Prizegiving event on


The Euro24 football championships starts tonight, and so begins a month of ecstasy for football lovers. I wish Scotland the best of luck against Germany this evening, sadly Ireland did not qualify for it. England are one of the favourites to win this competition, they have a very good team and I hope they win it. It is not often you see an Irishman supporting England!


I shall leave you with this football anecdote. Timmy, the goalkeeper of the team, is sitting on the field after a big loss. “ My boy”, an old man said behind him, “I saw you play I think I can help you”.  “Are you a coach?” said the goalkeeper. “No, I am an eye doctor”, said the old man.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

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This week’s blog has been written by Mrs Smart, Head of Art at Bethany School. She writes about some creative competitions to enter over the summer and shows examples of some of the fantastic work our pupils have been doing across the year groups.

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We have many successes to reflect upon this year in the Art department, owing to the boundless energy and enthusiasm of our pupils.


We extend our congratulations to the examination groups in Year 13 and Year 11 who have the difficult task of creating artistic projects under the constraints of examination guidelines; quite often artists do not thrive under external pressures, so it is a real testament to their skills and inventive minds to tackle such a challenge. Their success relies not on revision and rote, but rather on the rarer skills of innovation and imaginative vision! We wish them well with external moderation and hope their efforts are recognised and rewarded justly. Our Year 13 cohort are exploring careers in Graphic Design, Fashion and Photography and we wish them continued success in the creative industries.


We hope that the Year 10 and Year 12 pupils will do their upmost over the summer to build upon their personal projects, so that they too are well prepared. There are also tasks for the pupils in Year 9 who wish to study Art to get stuck into and make a head start on their GCSE portfolios. For those pupils in other year groups, I would like to encourage creativity to be a real feature of the upcoming school holiday, and at the end of this blog I have included some competitions that they could enter.


Some examples of the just some of the amazing artwork produced here at Bethany:















As the summer approaches, it is the perfect time to encourage your teenagers to explore the wonderful world of art and design. Engaging in creative activities not only fosters self-expression but also develops essential skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. Here are some exciting ideas to ignite your teenagers’ passion for art over the summer break:


  • Attend Workshops or Classes: Seek out local art centres, community colleges, or online platforms offering workshops and classes in various art mediums. These structured sessions provide valuable guidance and inspiration for budding artists.


  • Daily Drawing Challenge: Encourage your teenagers to embark on a daily drawing challenge. Whether it’s sketching their surroundings, creating character designs, or experimenting with abstract concepts, consistent practice enhances their drawing skills and unleashes their creativity.


  • Explore Diverse Mediums: Encourage experimentation with different art mediums such as watercolours, acrylics, pastels, and more. Exploring diverse mediums allows teenagers to discover their preferences and expand their artistic horizons.


  • Artistic Outings: Plan visits to art museums and galleries in your area. Experiencing diverse art styles and techniques firsthand stimulates creativity and encourages appreciation for the arts. In the beautiful countryside and estates, castles and gardens of the UK, inspiration abounds. Encourage your teenagers to capture the beauty of nature through sketches, paintings, or photography. Cities like Brighton and London offer a vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries showcasing a wide range of artworks. In the southeast of England, explore renowned galleries such as:


    • The Tate Modern and Tate Britain in London
    • The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London
    • The Saatchi Gallery in London
    • The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings
    • The Turner Contemporary in Margate
    • The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea


  • Creative Journaling: Encourage your teenagers to keep a visual journal where they can sketch, doodle, and document their thoughts and ideas. Visual journaling nurtures creativity and serves as a personal artistic playground.


  • Engage in Creative Challenges: Participate in online art challenges or create your own family challenges. These challenges spark imagination, encourage experimentation, and provide opportunities for artistic growth.


  • Digital Art Exploration: Explore the realm of digital art by learning software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate. Digital art skills are valuable in today’s technology-driven world and open doors to exciting career paths in design and digital media.


  • Collaborative Projects: Encourage collaborative art projects with friends or family members. Working together fosters teamwork, inspires creativity, and strengthens bonds through shared artistic experiences.


  • Building a Portfolio: Guide your teenagers in building a portfolio showcasing their artwork. A well-curated portfolio is invaluable for future endeavours such as applying to art schools, competitions, or internships.


  • Seek Feedback and Critique: Encourage your teenagers to seek feedback on their artwork from peers, mentors, or online communities. Constructive criticism fosters growth, encourages reflection, and cultivates resilience in the face of artistic challenges.


  • Exploration of Art History and Theory: Delve into art history and theory to gain insight into different art movements, styles, and concepts. Understanding the rich tapestry of art history enhances appreciation and informs creative endeavours.


  • Volunteer Opportunities: Explore volunteer opportunities at art festivals, community projects, or local galleries. Volunteering provides hands-on experience, fosters a sense of civic responsibility, and nurtures a passion for the arts.


  • Encouraging your teenagers to immerse themselves in art and design activities over the summer cultivates a lifelong appreciation for creativity and self-expression. Embrace this opportunity to inspire and support their artistic journey, and watch as they flourish into confident and skilled artists.


Competitions that you could enter this summer include:


The National Railway Museum and the Railway Photographic Society present the second iteration of the UK’s Young Railway Photographer of the Year competition. All photographers aged 25 and under are invited to enter and submit work surrounding this year’s theme, Railway 200.


Deadline January 2025.


Write on Art is an annual national writing competition sponsored by Art UK and the Paul Mellon Centre to encourage an interest in art history and art writing among young people. Find out more about the prize and how to enter.


Deadline 30th June 2024.


Sketch for Survival Junior helps to raise vital awareness about species extinction and biodiversity loss while also raising funds for projects around the world.


Deadline 30th June 2024.


Mrs Smart

Head of Art

Latest Sports News

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The latest sports news from Bethany School.

Swimming Gala | Bethany v Battle Abbey

Bethany completed the Gala season with a home meet against Battle Abbey School on Monday afternoon.


A school with swimming pedigree and several club swimmers, Bethany were again excellent and illustrated their competitive progress as a swimming squad.


With over thirty swimmers competing for Bethany on the day, Grace Holmes stormed to victory in the 50m breaststroke while Jago Veale showed technical strength to win the 50m Frontcrawl and Max Morgan continued his good form with a 25m breaststroke win.


Lucas Shippers was an excellent second place in the 50m breaststroke, while Hazley Kalish, Beatrice Kay, Hamish Henderson and Harry Sweeting also recorded second place finishes in some very close races.


The gala concluded with the relay events and close finishes for many of the teams including a victory for the U15 girls.


A special mention also goes to Honor Casselton Elliott, Gus Tuson and Imogen Morgan for excellent commitment all year leading to improved technique and race times during the season. The season comes to an end with positive progress across the squad, and well done to all. As the summer break approaches the squad will continue to train and then look forward to getting back in the pool in September.

Cricket | Bethany U15A v Kings School Rochester

The U15A cricket team played Kings School Rochester on Tuesday afternoon. Returning to the pairs format of the game, Bethany won the toss and selected to field first.


Mia Castle opened the bowling with a very good over followed by another good over from Cecily Chettiar. Eleni Haines bowled an excellent over midway through the innings taking 1 wicket for 2 runs, with Grace Holmes also bowling well towards the close of the innings with only 1 run scored from her over. King Rochester scored a total of 38 runs with the bat.


Bethany started their batting chase very well with Mai Castel and Cecily Chettiar scoring quick singles and Mia hitting a superb six when the ball flew over long on and cleared the boundary rope. King Rochester regained the advantage and slowed the run rate with good fielding as the following pairs arrived at the crease and struggled to score runs. With the score at 26 off 4 pairs, and chasing 38, the final pair of Maisie Frankum and Safi Chettiar arrived at the crease. With composed play Maise score 10 runs off the penultimate over, including two 4’s to take the score to 36. With 3 runs required off the final over, a couple of quick singles left Safi Chettiar on strike with 1 ball remining and the scores tied. A good delivery saw Safi play a well-executed shot down the leg side and a quick single was scored to claim victory. A very close game, and well done to the Bethany team.


Result – Bethany WIN by 1 run

Player of the match – Masie Frankum

Coaches’ player of the match – Mia Castle & Eleni Haines