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March 8, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Year 12 pupils seem to have coped pretty well with the pressures of their examinations this week and next week is another busy week.

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On Monday the pupils in Years 9 and 12 receive presentations to raise their awareness about personal safety issues both on and off line.


There are study skills workshops for pupils in Years 11 and 13 on Tuesday and in the evening there are LAMDA performances in the Drama Studio starting at 7pm.


Our second Open Morning of the year takes place on Wednesday starting at 9am. Please continue to spread the good word about Bethany.


Pupils in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 have workshops in managing personal finances on Thursday, and to round the week off there is a Year 7 Parent Teacher Meeting on Friday.


I am lucky enough to have secured tickets (via a Bethany parent) to be able to attend the England six nations rugby match against Ireland in Twickenham. Although Ireland are favourites to win the match, that is when I am at my most nervous because the disappointment of a loss is all the greater when expectations are highest. It goes without saying but I hope Irish eyes are smiling at the end of the match!


I am looking forward to the Year 8 Parent Teacher Meeting this evening which starts at 5.15 pm in the Assembly Hall.


Today, of course, is International Woman’s Day and I love the following quotation “A woman’s faults are many, but men have only two – everything they say and everything they do.”


Have a good weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy


Latest Bethany Blog

The latest Bethany Blog of the Spring Term has been written by Mr Duff, Head of Sixth Form at Bethany School. He writes about the next steps after Bethany for our Sixth Form pupils as well as sharing some interesting resources for our younger pupils.

Careers Aspirations: Sixth Form are spoilt for choice!

At Bethany Sixth Form, our belief is that it is the collective responsibility of all teachers and parents to inspire pupils to fulfil their ambitions and dare to dream. Our young people these days are almost spoilt for choice for next steps – be it university, apprenticeships, employment or gap years!


If we focus on Apprenticeships for a moment, that world is evolving very quickly before our eyes. There are now numerous careers and opportunities open to pupils that simply weren’t available 2-3 years ago. For example, over 70 universities are approved to deliver higher/degree apprenticeships. This list is growing all the time as new apprenticeships are developed, and more employers look to recruit apprentices. Traditional ‘degree only’ careers such as teaching/nursing now have apprenticeship routes! Parents can find out more about Apprenticeships via the following websites:


Government website –

Vacancy snapshot –


In the Sixth Form, pupils have a weekly careers lesson entitled ‘Project Horizon’ where guest speakers from all walks of life present to try to inspire pupils in their career choice. So far this year we have had InvestIn Education (a work experience company), a representative from Shell to talk about Management Consultancy, a local law firm with their degree apprentices, NCS rep (National Citizens Service) and LetzLive rep (gap year company) to name but a few. We will also be bringing all of Year 12 in June in a to be announced trip to the Kent Showgrounds in Maidstone to attend the local UCAS exhibition where pupils can learn about all things university as well as apprenticeships (you heard it here first!). To add to this we had our annual ‘Careers Fair’ in October where we had 24 different vendors with stands from the NHS, Barclays, the Army, Kent Police, Specsavers, UCA, the University of Portsmouth to name but a handful – all year groups had an opportunity to attend this fair for it is never too early to start to dream big.


A platform we use to inspire pupils to dream is called ‘Unifrog’. All pupils from Year 7 to 13 have an account which they can access through its website via their school e-mail address as a username – The name of this careers platform is slightly misleading as it covers so much more than universities. As a school, we have incorporated ‘Unifrog’ into the PSHCE curriculum from Year 7 to 11, and subject staff/tutors are encouraged to utilise it at every opportunity be it via the ‘CV building tool’ or simply to demonstrate what careers are available in the world of ‘Geography’ for example. We also thoroughly encourage parents to log-in and explore and challenge your children to dare to dream big.


It is a tough job preparing pupils for an ever changing workplace, and arguably jobs that don’t exist at the minute – never mind the disruption to the workplace that AI will bring! However if teachers, tutors, house staff and parents are all encouraging a proactive and ambitious approach – pupils can believe in themselves to dare to dream and who knows what careers paths they might end up on with this mantra with the possibility of actually being spoilt for choice with the many pathways ahead as they feel confident to tackle those next steps as an educated decision.


Mr Duff

Head of Sixth Form

Latest Sports News

The latest sports news from Bethany School. Cancellation of all hockey fixtures meant that it was just the various Bethany netball teams and the 1st XI football team in action this week.

Netball | Bethany U13A v King’s Rochester

It was a tough game on Wednesday against a very strong King’s Rochester side. King’s hit the ground running and it took Bethany a while to adapt to their quicker pace of play.


Bethany had some successes in defence with Millie Lucas stepping in to the team and having a brilliant game in both WD and GD, managing to get lots of tips on the ball to disrupt King’s play.


In attack, Florrie Dearing (WA) helped move the ball down the court getting some good depth, and then made some good feeds into the shooters. Bethany struggled to get close enough to the post as shooters, but both Tula Cottingham (GA) and Nelly Adams (GS) both managed to score during the game.


Final score: Bethany 3-31 King’s Rochester

Player of the Match: Florrie Dearing

Coaches Player of the Match: Millie Liddiard








Netball | Bethany U13B v King’s Rochester

It was a tough match for the Bethany team, comprised entirely of pupils who are all year 7. The King’s team had some tall year 8’s, so Bethany found it difficult to get the ball down the court to their shooters. When they did get the ball Bethany scored!


The third quarter was by far the best holding them to 2-2 but the final score was 22-3 to King’s.


Final score: Bethany 3-22 King’s Rochester

Player of the Match: Holly Sole

Coaches Player of the Match: Ciara Carnegie who stepped in to GK and got some great interceptions despite getting a knock in the first quarter

Netball | Bethany U13C & D v King’s Rochester

On Wednesday, Bethany had every Year 7 girl playing a sports fixture. Whether this was their first netball fixture or not, all played to the best of their ability and tried their hardest.


Bethany played a variety of pupils at different positions so everyone got a chance to play the position that they wanted as well as stepping into positions that they had never played before to help the team.


Bethany played two King’s sides, King’s Rochester C and D team. The teams were quite evenly matched apart from 2 King’s players who dominated the C team game, one of which was a brilliant and accurate shooter who made the difference to the score line.


However, we were very proud of our performance and passed the ball well, defending and improving in our positioning and feeding of the circle. Juniper Ambrose-Gordon shot very well and played an excellent game in every position. Prudence Story was critical in defence and Lauren Baxter gave 100% throughout the court.


Final score: Bethany U13C 5-5 King’s Rochester

Final score: Bethany U13D 4-1 King’s Rochester

Player of the Match: Juniper Ambrose-Gordon

Coaches Player of the Match: Lauren Baxter and Dasha Hordiienko

Netball | Bethany U15A v King’s Rochester

In the first quarter, Bethany took a while to warm up and settle into the game, and King’s took an early led 2-6. Bethany then managed to get a few more balls down to our shooters with a better score of 5-10 at half time.


With the rain hammering down it made the ball very slippery for both teams, which made the 3rd quarter very low scoring, with only 4 goals the whole quarter. Bethany managed to keep on the defensive pressure throughout the court in the final quarter making numerous turnovers. Bethany won the last quarter by 1 goal, but were always going to struggle to catch up the deficit.


Special mention to Olivia James for creating space and shooting opportunities and to Maisie Frankum who continues to give 100% on court and fight for every ball.


Final score: Bethany 7-14 King’s Rochester

Player of the Match: Olivia James

Coaches Player of the Match: Maisie Frankum

Netball | Bethany U15B v King’s Rochester

Another soggy day for the Bethany U15B’s, but they took it in their stride and looked very smart in their new netball dresses. A very strong start from King’s took Bethany a bit by surprise and suddenly an 8-1 score line appeared.


The second quarter saw Bethany rally a little, only conceding 5 goals.  The King’s height in both defence and attack was difficult to combat but Bethany never gave up.  With a target of at least two goals in the third quarter, it was a good feeling when the third goal went in.


A tough game but Bethany kept fighting and didn’t give up.


Final score: Bethany 8-28 King’s Rochester

Player of the match: Sophie Finnamore

Coaches Player of the Match: Sophie Finnamore and Ruby Peters

Netball | Bethany U15C v King’s Rochester

The U15C team got their first opposition match of the term this week, and it was 3 games in one go against 3 of King’s Rochester’s teams!


In the first game Bethany struggled to find their flow against a strong King’s side with the match ending 9-0.


The second game was much closer with the teams drawing 2-2 at half time. Karen Lee in defence making lots of brilliant interceptions and Evie Pope (GS) and Daisy Riddiford (GA) both converting to goals. In the second half Bethany struggled getting the ball out of the defensive end and in remembering to come in front of players in attack, which allowed King’s to go ahead. The final score was 7-4.


In the last game, after an injury to Daisy’s finger, Bea Flanders did a brilliant job of stepping in to shooter with good attacking movement coming forwards for the ball and strength in her passing into the circle. Defence turned over lots of ball keeping the score line close in the first half, finishing 2-1. In the second half tired legs started to show and after some strong defence from King’s Rochester they stretched out a lead to 6-1.


Final scores:

Bethany 0- 9 King’s Rochester

Bethany 4-7 King’s Rochester

Bethany 1-6 King’s Rochester

Player of the Match: Karen Lee

Coaches Player of the Match: Beatrice Flanders

Netball | Bethany U16 v Battle Abbey

It was a bright and sunny afternoon for the U16’s fixture this week against Battle Abbey. Bethany started the game well and with confidence going goal for most of the first quarter, with Battle only nudging in front in the last minute or so, finishing 4-2.


However, in the second quarter Bethany really lost their concentration and form, picking up a few too many penalties in defence and struggling to become available in attack and get the ball into the goal circle. Leaving the first half score as 11-2 to Battle.


We spoke at half time about getting feet around our players and using the outside arm in the defensive circle. Emma Kuhepa put this into practice brilliantly in the second half when playing GK, picking up tons of interceptions and another Player of the Match nomination!


Both Emma and Stella Flynn (GD) did such a good job of shutting down the circle as they limited Battle’s attack end to only 5 goals in the second half. Annie Walker (C) was consistent through the mid court and worked hard to keep providing an option to the ball.


Lily Faulkner (GS) stepped up into another gear in the second half, moving the ball beautifully around the goal circle and sunk some confident mid-range shots. A much improved second half that Bethany won by 1 goal, but it was not enough to make up the deficit so a final score of 8-16 to Battle.


Final score: Bethany 8-16 Battle Abbey

Player of the Match: Emma Kuhepa

Coaches Player of the Match: Annie Walker and Lily Faulkner

Netball | Bethany 1st VII v Battle Abbey

The Bethany 1st VII played their penultimate game of the season against a good Battle Abbey side which included some club players.


Bethany held their own with the first quarter ending 5-9. In the second quarter the team played better as a unit with the attacking play making numerous drives and giving options for the ball. The short, sharp passes worked for Bethany down the court and the team kept the quarter time scores to 6-8 and 4-6 in the second and third quarter respectively.


Ella Smith created lovely space in the attacking circle, and was supported by other shooters Lucy Shaw and Holly McClare, who have both made massive improvements as well as helping out in defence. Millie James and Lily Fielder also made a big impact on the game, with both players marking their opposition out of the game and forcing errors whilst being focused and accurate when feeding the circle.


The final quarter got away from Bethany a little and Battle took all of the momentum. However, the entire Bethany team should be proud of their performance.


Final score: Bethany 16-30 Battle Abbey

Player of the Match: Ella Smith

Coaches Player of the Match: Millie James

Football | Bethany 1st XI v Maidstone Grammar (away)

The 1st XI football team’s away fixture to Maidstone Grammar was a worthwhile experience. Maidstone were very much the better team, showing their experience throughout the entire game.


It was also a great opportunity for the Bethany coaches to understand where the team are now and what they require to improve individually as well as collectively.


The Bethany players continue to show great humility in both success and defeat, and the coaches are very proud to be associated with such fantastic individuals.


Final score: Bethany 0-10 Maidstone Grammar