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March 1, 2024

Headmaster’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our Year 10 pupils seem to have coped pretty well with the examinations they have had this week. Next week it is the turn of Year 12 and I hope they are revising well for their examinations.

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The Gold Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition starts this evening, and I hope that all the participating pupils are successful in it.


Most of our sports fixtures continued this week, with only one cancelled due to the weather.


On Friday, next week, we have the Year 8 Parent Teacher Meeting which starts at 5.15pm in the Assembly Hall. I look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible.


On Wednesday 13th March we have our second Open Morning of the year. It starts at 9am and finishes at 11am. Please continue to spread the good word about Bethany. Many prospective parent’s first visit to Bethany tends to be on Open Morning and they have such a good experience that they then normally follow this up with an individual visit.


As this year is a leap year, and yesterday was leap year day, a cynical comic once stated “I am going to get married on February 29th, so I only have to remember our anniversary once every 4 years!”


Have a good weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Francie Healy



P.S. Did you know that in some countries February 29th is also known as Bachelor’s Day given that tradition allows women to propose marriage that day?

Latest Bethany Blog

NEWSLETTER TEMPLATE - 2024-03-01T104221.242

The latest Bethany Blog of the Spring Term has been written by Mr Evans, Head of Geography at Bethany School. He writes about our Year 9 Geographers embarking on an enlightening journey delving into the complex concept of development, using the continent of Africa as their focal point.

Understanding Development Dynamics

Inspired by a thought-provoking lecture from renowned author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which emphasised the dangers of a single story, our Year 9 Geographers embraced the opportunity to develop a more balanced and refined understanding of development dynamics. 


One of the first tasks undertaken by our pupils was the redesign of charity posters that misrepresented the culture of Gambia. Understanding that Africa is often distorted in mainstream narratives, our pupils were asked to challenge stereotypes and uncover the multifaceted realities of development in the country. Drawing inspiration from Adichie’s message about the dangers of a single narrative, pupils redesigned and crafted relief posters that celebrated the diversity and resilience of Gambian communities, highlighting their strengths rather than perpetuating stereotypes.  



Alongside their examination of media portrayals our pupils have also delved into the factors shaping the economic development of sub-Saharan African countries.  


By exploring the interplay of climate, trade opportunities, and access to education pupils have developed an understanding of the process of development and have become more adept in assessing development levels when looking at social and economic statistics. Through their research and analysis they uncovered the complexities underlying economic development in the region, moving beyond simplistic explanations to embrace a more balanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities at hand. 


A key facet of our theme this term has been recognising the enduring legacy of colonialism in shaping contemporary development patterns across the continent. Our Year 9 pupils have begun incorporating the concepts of  colonialism and neo-colonialism into their examination of development indicators. They critically examined how historical power dynamics continue to influence resource extraction, trade relations, and economic policies in Africa, shedding light on the complexities of post-colonial development. 


Alongside our dive into the geopolitical history of the continent, this topic has provided the opportunity to explore some fantastic physical and climatic features. From the arid landscape of the Sahara to the lush rainforests of the Congo Basin, the continent boasts an array of climatic zones that shape its landscapes, ecosystems, and human societies. Our pupils have compared these climates through the construction of climate graphs, and created physical feature maps which detail the different biomes.  


The aim of the term has been to develop a second critical viewpoint which allows pupils to challenge their initial assumptions and scrutinise information they are given. I will leave you with a visual example of this which the class found particularly interesting and thought provoking. 



Mr Evans

Head of Geography

Latest Sports News

NEWSLETTER TEMPLATE - 2024-02-29T105813.355

The latest sports news from Bethany School. This week saw a busy week of no less than twelve fixtures as netball and hockey teams were back in action. Also, there was a ten goal thriller down on the south coast as the Bethany 1st XI football team took on Brighton College.

Football | Bethany 1st XI v Brighton College (away)

Bethany’s 1st XI football team travelled away to Brighton college on Thursday. The match proved to be a rollercoaster of excitement, showcasing the talent and determination of both teams.


Right from the outset, it was evident that Brighton College posed a formidable challenge, boasting a well-structured line-up that caused Bethany early problems. Despite this, Bethany managed to create opportunities through early defensive mistakes, testing the Brighton goalkeeper with shots on target.


However, Brighton quickly capitalised on their chances, netting two quick goals through well-worked plays. Just before halftime, Bethany clawed one back with a direct corner from James Candeloro, injecting hope and momentum into the team.


VIDEO: James scores directly from a corner


As the second half commenced, Brighton changed tactically, scoring two rapid-fire goals to extend their lead to 4-1. Undeterred, Bethany gradually settled into the game and mounted a remarkable comeback with goals from Archie Cashman, another from James Candeloro and a sensational 30-yard strike from Luca Chettiar to level the scores back up at 4-4, stunning the opposition.


VIDEO: Archie slots home and begins the Bethany comeback


VIDEO: James scores his second of the afternoon


VIDEO: Luca completes the Bethany comeback courtesy of a 30-yard screamer


Brighton then sucker punched Bethany, scoring a freekick to retake the lead 5-4. Bethany continued to battle and Rasan pounced on a defensive error to prod home and level the scoreline once again at 5-5.


VIDEO: Rasan equalises yet again for Bethany


In an enthralling climax, the match concluded with a thrilling 5-5 draw.


Final score: Bethany 5-5 Brighton College

Player of the Match: Rasan Bamoki

Coaches Player of the Match: Max Childs

Netball | Bethany U13A v Ashford School (away)

This week the U13A team were away to Ashford School for their fixture. They started well with Matty Clark in Centre controlling the pace of play, taking interceptions and then doing a lot of work across the court to bring the ball up to attack. With a few key players missing this week, Holly Sole stepped up to help the team and fitted in well as WA, always being an option on the circle edge. By the end of the second quarter Nelly Adams (GS) and Isobel Andrews (GA) had got two goals in, leaving the score 2-4 to Ashford.


After a strong start for defence with Fifi Seymour (GD) and Martha Spruce (GK) halting a very dynamic Ashford attack end, Ashford really got going in the second half and we saw a flurry of goals for them in the third and fourth quarters. We faced the same issue we saw last week in getting the ball out of the defence end for Bethany on turnovers, and we spoke about the defence players needing to ‘switch brains’ more quickly when we have possession and become attackers to help bring the ball up the court. Instead, too many rushed long balls were being made directly to the attackers, leading to loss of possession due to dropped balls and intercepts by Ashford.


Final score: Bethany 2-11 Ashford School

Player of the Match: Holly Sole

Coaches Player of the Match: Matty Clark

Netball | Bethany U13B v Ashford School (away)

On a very windy court at Ashford, the Bethany team had a very competitive game against an equal opposition with the first quarter finishing 2-2.


It took Bethany a while to settle and play at a pace we could accurately pass the ball. When we played with a little less pace and fewer error, we moved the ball well into our shooters Imogen Morgan and Isabelle Hindley. By half time there was just 1 goal between the teams with Ashford leading 5-4.


The defensive unit of Millie Liddiard, Isabelle Goodall and Betsy Spruce played fantastically well together turning the ball around and bringing the ball down to our attacking players. Ciara Carnegie did not stop as centre and gave 100%. By the end of the third quarter Bethany had caught up and led by 1 goal.


The final quarter continued in much the same fashion, however Ashford did manage to find the equaliser late on as the match ended in a draw.


Final score: Bethany 9-9 Ashford School

Player of the Match: Imogen Morgan

Coaches Player of the Match: Isabella Goodall

Netball | Bethany U15A v Claremont

The U15A team started their game well holding Claremont to a 5-0 score in the first quarter. The first quarter’s aim was to ensure defensive pressure and have hands over the ball which Rose Pettit did exceptionally well, making the opposition make mistakes and allowing our defensive players to pick up the loose balls.


VIDEO: Olivia scores for Bethany


VIDEO: Bethany score


By half time Bethany led 15-1. Safi Chettier fed the ball well as Wing Attack to both Summer Stewart-Welch and Olivia James. In the second half Claremont settled a little and managed to work the ball into their circle to score 3 goals however Bethany forged forwards to win the quarter 3-7. In the final quarter Bethany continued to defend well with Maisie Frankum and Ellie Turner making brilliant interceptions and rebounds.


VIDEO: Olivia adds to her personal goal tally


Final score: Bethany 32-5 Claremont

Player of the Match: Safi Chettiar

Coaches Player of the Match: Rose Pettit

Netball | Bethany U15B v Claremont

This week we spoke before the game about ensuring accurate passing in front of the receiving player and the importance of clear communication on court by using our arms to indicate where we want to receive the ball. The team started the game very focused putting this into practice straight away, having a flying start in the first quarter with some lovely flow down court leading to 13 goals to Claremont’s 0.


Throughout the game defence did a great job at intercepting the ball within the centre third, with Cecily Chettiar (GK) acting as a last line of defence getting some lovely intercepts outside of the goal circle. At points in the second quarter on turnovers we rushed the next phases of play and got ahead of ourselves leading to lost possession. However, in the third quarter this improved, and I was particularly impressed with Lily Marshall’s (WD) use of timing and well weighted passes to bring the possession back under control when needed. At the end of the third quarter the score was 30-4 to Bethany.


In attack Leah Carnegie (GS/GA) grew in confidence throughout the game and by the final quarter was dominant in GA, sinking some impressive long range shots! Sophie Finnamore made impact wherever she was on the court – playing across WA, GA and GK- and received a well-deserved POM from Claremont for her versatility.


Final score: Bethany 38-7 Claremont School

Player of the Match: Sophie Finnamore

Coaches Player of the Match: Leah Carnegie

Netball | Bethany U16 v Dover College (away)

On Thursday this week the Bethany U16 netball team travelled to Dover College for their fixture. With key players in midcourt unavailable this week, we had to practice a little bit of versatility across the team. Emma Kuhepa did a brilliant job of stepping into the Centre position, and despite some initial trepidation, she still secured the Player’s Player nomination.


The game started very evenly matched with the first quarter finishing 4-3 to Dover. However, in the second quarter we struggled with consistency in attack with a few dropped balls and missed feeds gave Dover the possession, leaving the first half score 8-4 to Dover.


The Bethany defence did a good job throughout against a very unorthodox Dover attack with Amelia Dillon (GK) and Stella Flynn (GD) working well together to cover the circle. In the second half we found our flow a bit more in attack with Lucy Wells (WA) making some very strong and accurate feeds from the edge of the circle into Lydia Veale (GS), and the shooters found their range meaning we drew the last quarter.


Final score: Bethany 12-17 Dover School

Player of the Match: Emma Kuhepa

Coaches Player of the Match: Lucy Wells

Netball | Bethany 1st VII v Dover College (away)

This week our Bethany 1st VII netball team played their rearranged game against Dover College which had been rained off from last week.


Both teams were quite even in the first quarter with the score 9-6 to Bethany. By the second quarter we had a change around and were more settled. Ella Smith creating lovely space for both herself and Lucy Shaw to drive into. Tilly Hatton picked up interceptions and rebounds which allowed Bethany to gain ground.


In the second half we were more clinical in our play and gelled well. The passing into the circle improve and Elsa Taylor picked up a few interceptions in the attacking third, allowing us to have a second chance if we lost possession.


As the the last quarter drew to a close, Bethany had stretched their lead to 10 goals, confirming an impressive victory.


Final score: Bethany 29-19 Dover College

Player of the Match: Ella Smith

Coaches Player of the Match: Lucy Shaw

Hockey | Bethany U13A v St Ronan’s

The U13A hockey team hosted Saint Ronan’s at Marden on Wednesday afternoon. Bethany started with strong attacking play which meant that they got into the attacking D within minutes of play, but with Saint Ronan’s having some strong defenders the hits were picked or shots went wide. On the turnover, Saint Ronan’s were a strong team but with some critical and perfectly timed tackles from Harry Jermain they were kept out of their D and the team were able to push forward again.


On one of many breaks, Oliver Scott received the ball in middle of the pitch and passed up to Nico De Widt who managed to get a good shot off which was saved, but he persevered and on the rebound he trickled the ball through the keeper’s legs. Almost the exact same situation saw the half draw to a close at 2-0.


The half-time talk saw the conversation move to speed of thought and driving the baseline for a more tactical placement of the ball in the attacking D. Saint Ronan’s had a strong start to the second half which meant that Fletcher, Jack and Michael saw their defensive efforts put to the test. A couple of shots towards Seb didn’t concern Bethany, as they were saved and the effort to clear the ball from the danger zone was impeccable.


2 more goals were by Nico and assisted by Oliver, meaning the score line ended as a solid 4-0 win to Bethany, with all goal scored by Nico! However, the entire team efforts meant that we protected the goal and managed to move the ball around Saint Ronan’s attacking D.


Final score: Bethany 4-0 St Ronan’s

Player of the Match: Harry Jermain

Coaches Player of the Match: Jack LeVine

Hockey | Bethany U13B v St Ronan’s

Thankfully this week there was no wind and rain to interrupt what was a very tense but entertaining match between the U13B hockey team and St Ronan’s. Despite several changes to the line up the U13B’s still managed to play a lot of good hockey including good passing the ball down the channels and into the scoring ‘D’.


St. Ronan’s players certainly had better stick control with overall crisper passing than the U13B’s, which is understood given its early days playing hockey for many of our team. Despite St Ronan’s excellent hockey, their final ball and shooting was not as strong as their outfield play.


Because the U13B’s were under regular pressure, they played more of a counter attacking game and scored from one such attack. It was swift transfer of the ball up the field resulted in a short corner for Bethany which resulted in a well taken goal by Gus Tuson.


Bethany held onto the lead for quite a while and it took a wonder strike from the St Ronan’s forward to bring them level. Both teams had chances to win the game but in the end a draw was probably the right result.


A solid all-round performance from all members of the team. A few words of advice would be to just take a little more time on the ball and pass and move into space. A special mention to our guest goalkeeper, Seb Hickmott, who made some excellent saves.


Final score: Bethany 1-1 St Ronan’s

Player of the Match: Gus Tuson – For marshalling the defence well along with his goal

Coaches Player of the Match: Felix Hardie – For his persistence in defence and often clearing the ball away from danger.






Hockey | Bethany U13C v St Ronan’s

The U13C hockey team hosted St Ronan’s on Wednesday afternoon. St Ronan’s started well, driving forward with the ball and finding space, particularly around the shooting circle. Some crucial tackles and interceptions by Hamish Henderson, along with excellent saves by keeper Stephen Kakouris, kept the score line level.


Bethany grew into the game with Andrew Stubblefield and Toby Chapman starting to work the ball into space and feeding Zac Catania who was a running threat up front. Mid way through the half and after a good defensive block, a swift passing move between the midfield players set Zac Catania free, and a cool finish saw Bethany take a 1-0 lead. Bethany created several more clear cut chances as the half drew to a close with excellent passing, but the finish was thwarted by good keeping and shots narrowly going wide.


The second half was as more open contest with both teams creating attacking chances and the keepers being kept busy. Bethany continued to play with width when possible, and drive the ball into the shooting circle. Zac doubled his tally with a well taken goal after accurate play out wide and a clinical cross into the circle. Towards the end of the half, St Ronan’s scored a goal after finding a player in space with a pacey pass into the shooting circle and a first time finish was slotted into the bottom corner.


The match finished 2-1 and a good win for Bethany as they continue to develop their hockey skills and games play understanding this term.


Final score: Bethany 2-1 St Ronan’s

Player of the Match: Zac Catania

Coaches Player of the Match: Stephen Kakouris

Hockey | Bethany U13D v St Ronan’s

On their Wednesday afternoon fixture against Saint Ronan’s, Bethany U13D exhibited solid defensive play, with Stephen putting in a commendable performance in goal, making several impressive saves to keep the opposition at bay.


Despite facing a strong opponent, Bethany managed to create a few opportunities on the counter-attack. However, they were unable to convert these chances into goals.


Ultimately, the match ended in a 3-0 defeat for Bethany. Despite the result, Nathaniel McEwan-Moore stood out with his contributions on the field, earning Player of the Match. Additionally, Stephen’s resilience and performance in goal earned him the recognition of Coaches Player of the Match.


Final score: Bethany 0-3 St Ronan’s

Player of the Match: Nathanial McEwan-Moore

Coaches Player of the Match: Stephen Kakouris

Hockey | Bethany U15A v Radnor House

The U15A hockey team had a challenging match on Tuesday when they hosted Radnor House.


The more experienced visitors took control of the match from the start, but Bethany played with energy, tackling very well and breaking up play.


The Radnor skills came to the fore as the half progressed and sharp passing presented opportunities to score, which Radnor took to lead at the break.


As the match progressed in the second half, Bethany did break away, firing the ball up field, and were unlucky not to convert chances into goals. Some slick stick play and accurate shooting added to the Radnor total as the second half drew to a close. However, Bethany held their defensive shape very well on the whole during the second half, and it was an excellent effort which will benefit the team as they move forward and continue to learn the game of hockey.


Final score: Bethany 0-10 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Ollie Hughes

Coaches Player of the Match: Lucien Franklin

Hockey | Bethany U15B v Radnor House (away)

The U15B hockey team travelled away to take on a more experienced Radnor House. Even with being somewhat depleted in numbers (for a variety of reasons), the fixture was able to take place as a full pitch affair due to a few loanees from Radnor House.


After a promising warm-up the match began with both teams looking to try and gain some ascendancy. The score at half-time was only 1-0 and so the U15B’s were still in the game and had plenty to play for. They did have one or two opportunities to threaten the Radnor House goal in the first half, and although grateful for the loaned players, it was the minimal passing of the ball from those players that somewhat hampered any attack that the U15B’s managed to get going into the opposition’s half.


In the second half, the U15B’s defence encountered wave upon wave of Radnor House attacks but with some tenacious and competitive tackling, the back three of Sebastian Baines, Winston Boudet-Fenouillet and Chris Hanslip-Ward managed to breakdown a number of those attacks.


If it wasn’t for the consistent and excellent shot stopping from Gabi Kulcsar, the score, as they say, might have resembled more of a cricket score.


There were lots of promising stick skills on display from the U15B’s and with more matches and practice sessions under their belts they will certainly see an improvement in their abilities and gameplay management.


Final score: Bethany 0-3 Radnor House

Player of the Match: Gabi Kulscar – as goalkeeper he kept the final score low with some excellent shot stopping

Coaches Player of the Match: Sebastien Baines, Winston Boudet-Fenouillet and Chris Hanslip-Ward