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Year 7 Visit Juniper Hall

This week’s blog has been written by Mr Evans, Head of Geography at Bethany School. He writes about the successful Year 7 visit to the Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre in Dorking.

On Tuesday, our Year 7 pupils had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre in Dorking for an educational and adventurous field trip. The focus of the trip was to learn about river systems, specifically the River Tillingbourne, through hands-on experience and direct observation.  

The day began with an engaging class briefing at Juniper Hall. Here, the pupils were introduced to the nature and characteristics of the River Tillingbourne. They learned about its source, course, and the geographical features that define it. This initial session provided a solid foundation for the practical activities that followed. 

Armed with their new knowledge, the pupils then set out to access the river at two distinct sites. At these locations, they participated in various exercises designed to measure the river’s physical properties. Using a tape measure, stopwatch, and cork, the pupils learned how to measure the width, depth and velocity of the river. These simple tools allowed them to gather data and understand the importance of accurate measurements in geographical studies. In addition to these traditional methods, pupils had the chance to experiment with a Hydroprop to record the river’s velocity. This device provided a more advanced way to understand the flow rate, adding an exciting technological element to their fieldwork.

One of the highlights of the trip was a short river walk where the pupils, donned in wellies, waded into the river to explore its meander characteristics first-hand. This immersive experience allowed them to observe the river’s bends and curves up close, gaining a deeper understanding of how rivers shape the landscape over time.

Overall, the field trip to Juniper Hall was a resounding success. The combination of classroom learning and practical experience helped the pupils to appreciate the complexities of river systems. It was a day filled with discovery, teamwork, and a lot of fun, leaving our Year 7s with memories and knowledge that set them up well for a future in the subject.


Mr Evans

Head of Geography