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Teachers undertake CPD to elevate skills for remote learning

​​​​​​​On 17th April, a staff day was held remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Among other important staff updates on the continually developing situation with Covid-19, a slot was allocated for teachers to develop their knowledge of using Microsoft Teams to deliver lessons remotely.

At Bethany, the continued professional development of our staff to ensure they deliver the highest quality of education is always important, but the current pandemic has made this even more of a focus.

During the allocated time period, all teachers undertook two hours of dedicated training and were required to earn themselves a minimum of 1000 Microsoft learning points. By doing this they also earned a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator badge! They achieved this by either undertaking internally run webinars, or completing courses run by Microsoft Educator. However staff chose to undertake their learning, they were tasked with following up with their own self-development activity.

Some of the topics covered were; using Microsoft Whiteboard with pupils, using Microsoft Forms for Assessment and using Microsoft OneNote in Teams.

“Staff at Bethany have really embraced remote learning as they can see how it is benefitting pupils to maintain both routine and contact with each other and teachers at this unusual time. The remote learning professional development session was well received and beneficial to all as it allowed staff to target their own development needs. As a group of staff, we have also all got very good at supporting each other by using our own dedicated Teaching Staff Team to ask questions and seek advice.”

Emily Hill, Deputy Head Academic