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Year 9 DLS Projects

Year 9 pupils completed their annual Spoken English project which entailed a four minute speech on a topic of choice and a 200 word story linked to the chosen topic.


​​​​​​​The range of topics was impressive from Designer Clothes to the start of WWIII, Friendships to Aliens. Embracing remote learning, Will Parsons found a virtual audience to practise delivering his speech and Mrs Sturrock’s group used FlipGrid to present their speeches. Each group declared a winner.

Mrs Harper felt David Kennedy’s speech was a very personal perspective on friendship, with all the many positives but also the negatives if a friend is not necessarily who they seem. David’s short story was a clever reworking of a fable about friendships, and how minor disagreements can be put to one side when something more significant happens.

In Miss Mills’ group, Matthew Jones’ speech on aliens included a broad range of language devices and included facts, as well as his opinion on the existence of aliens.

We as a race, have detected 4000 exoplanets and counting. That means that there have been more than 4000 times that life could have formed – and that is only in our range of seeing – the Universe is enormous, so it is pretty hard, considering the odds, for life not to exist.

“That is exactly why we are trying so hard to find these places using probes, satellites and telescopes. We have also been listening using satellites, never getting replies but we can try!” Matthew Jones


William Butters’ imaginative story linked to his speech on whether or not designer clothes are worth it. Set in 2070, William wove a story of designer clothes holding the key to the future which he read with expression.

Peer assessment was a key feature of the project. Samuel Harman impressed his group with his speech “Will WWIII start?” and Ethan Smith’s action-packed story of a tank battle won the peer vote.

In Mrs Sturrock’s group, Noah Lyndon-Stanford impressed in both tasks. His speech on “Is Homework Worthwhile?” in which he argued for the abolition of homework, was very convincing. His story about a student who goes crazy from having to do too much homework, with terrible consequences for his teachers, was enough to convince any teacher who read it to cut back on prep! Mrs Sturrock also enjoyed hearing Bertie Green’s story about “The Little Workshop on the Hill” which she can imagine Bertie working in one day. All of the students tried hard to include a range of language techniques in their speeches to engage their audience.