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DLS Competitions

Year 7 were challenged with the task of investigating something so mysterious it remains unexplained like the Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles, UFOs, or Big Foot.

​​​​​​​Pupils had to research the unexplained phenomenon of their choice and then write a News Report about an imaginary encounter. The finale to all this was to video their report using their fellow classmates for the different acting roles.

Highly commended goes to Tristan Page and Emilia Dillon who both chose UFOs to research and to Charlie Brice for his report on conspiracy around Illuminati.

Second place goes to Chris Hannam for his report on UFOs and Alice Gilbert for her report on Orbs. Chris used a lot of detail and images to explain his work whereas Alice managed to add humour to her strange spectacle.

First place goes to Amy Hanson Abbott for her report about the Bermuda Triangle and Bert Dicker for his report about Atlantis. Both carried out research that considered several different sources. They then weaved this knowledge into their creative writing which was interesting and entertaining.