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DLS competition winners

​​​​​​​Year 7

​​​​​​​Year 7 were tasked with a research project about a human or natural disaster. Firstly, they had to carry out detailed research using a number of different sources, and then made a timeline detailing each point via a range of connectives; this could be presented in a memorable way.

A fact file had to be constructed using the research found. The final challenge was to make an artefact which was creative and believable.

Lewis Agate was highly commended for his Apollo 12 recount, Lowen Sullivan for his work on the Titanic and Thomas Knowles for his retelling of the Boxing Day Tsunami.

There were joint second place winners: Chris Hannam for his project on the Titanic whose research was second to none, making excellent use of highlighters to identify key points, and his timeline was also very detailed and interesting;  Lily Faulkner who produced a wonderful project about the Haiti Earthquake. She used her research to good effect and her timeline was detailed and presented creatively.

First place went to Charlie Brice for his project on the Chernobyl disaster. His research was thorough, his timeline was expertly presented and he made good use of sequential language to clearly show what happened and when.

Year 8

Last term, the Year 8 DLS group completed projects based on natural or man-made disasters.

They researched their disaster, produced colourful mind maps with all the information they found and then used these visual planners to write a newspaper article.

William McClure was highly commended for his work on the Hindenburg disaster, where he demonstrated good research skills.  Fifi Charles was also highly commended, producing a detailed mind map about the Costa Concordia, including colour and pictures to organise her work.

Ella Smith was placed second; her article on the Titanic showed evidence of good research and planning.

The winner of this competition was Ethan Taylor with his particularly well-written newspaper article on the Great Fire of London.