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Hairspray – The Highlights

Bethany School Hairspray Programme

This is without doubt our biggest production yet! Every year the Performing Arts Team reflects on how we can continue to raise the standard of performance and every year I continue to be so in awe of the pupils we work with. When I first started at Bethany there were twenty-four pupils in the show and now, four years later, we have a cast of sixty-six! This has been a challenge and an absolute pleasure to stage, welcoming some of our most talented performers to one of our most prestigious events of the year.

Having a substantially larger cast has of course posed some very real challenges for us, most notably the entire cast could not fit onto the stage! Through careful consideration the stage has now been extended and I am confident you will be delighted with the results. Choreographing ensemble pieces
has been a pleasure to watch as pupils have worked hard to ensure their movement is in time with the music and also exudes confidence and character, key features to the Musical Theatre genre. Mrs Payne has certainly had to plan and deliver some diverse routines and the results are superb.

I am so grateful to our technical team who have assisted during the show. The lighting and layout of the Assembly Hall have truly taken us to the next level in high quality staging and made a huge difference to the quality of the overall production. Many hours have been volunteered in meeting tonight’s deadline and I am sure you will join me in commending the effort that has been invested. Whole school production sits within a far reaching and stimulating activity programme and pupils have been working hard since September for these three performances. Monday sessions have focused on the dances and Fridays have concentrated on the songs. During the week, lunchtime rehearsals provided much needed time for principal characters to rehearse their scenes and become acquainted with the story.

I am so grateful for Mr Brinson’s energy as he has managed to enthuse performers to sing on many cold dark Friday afternoons! The orchestra for the show has also been working hard and the pupils involved have clearly enjoyed the opportunity to perform alongside their teachers including Mr Davies. Working at Bethany is simply a delight and I would like to thank you, the parents, for providing us all with the opportunity to work with your children. I trust you will enjoy the show and be amazed at the talent we have the pleasure to work with.


Alex Bolton
Director of Performing Arts