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Why is Design & Technology Important?

This week’s blog has been written by Mr Norman, Head of Design & Technology at Bethany School. He writes about how many of the skills learnt in Design & Technology are transferable to other subjects and are also so useful within our everyday lives.

Design & Technology has always been an exciting and important subject that will help develop the future for our pupils and for their eventual careers. Employers are crying out for creative thinkers who can move their businesses forward with mental agility, logical thinking and using problem-solving as well as collaboration skills and approaches to up and coming challenges and world problems. Many skills learnt in Design & Technology are transferable to other subjects and are also so useful within our everyday lives.

At Bethany School, Design & Technology, right from the word go, gets pupils learning and experimenting with tools, machinery and equipment through many different projects which enables them to explore design and making all the way through to A Level. We have a exceptionally well equipped workshop that can be accessed not only in lessons but during most breaks and lunchtimes for all pupils in Years 7 through to 13.

CAD/CAM continues to develop within the department and many more pupils now include the use of the 3D Printer, Laser Cutter and CNC Router within their model making and prototyping.

Many pupils ask me what taking Design & Technology can lead onto as a career. The creative industries in the UK are booming and I came across a teaching resource called ‘WonderWhat?’ This is a free accessible tool for creative professionals, career advisors, teachers, looking to inspire and guide individuals with a creative career.

Pupils can find out what opportunities exist by tapping on images that they like and this then leads onto possible career avenues based on their preferences. Once matched to a potential chosen sector, pupils can access real-time information on salary ranges, job titles and invaluable insights and the latest news within the selected field. It is well worth looking at if you have a creative side.

I visited a design company many years ago in London called seymourpowell. The visit for me was fascinating and showed me how many different roles exist in the design industry. We were given a tour by Dick Powell (one of the owners) and he was passionate about seeing Design & Technology at the forefront of education, which of course, I agree with! He helped produce a small video which I often share with pupils here at Bethany, but I thought you might like to see it as well. It highlights why Design & Technology is such an import subject to study. I hope you agree?



Mr Norman

Head of Design & Technology