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Invitation to join the Bethany prayer group

Throughout lockdown, the Bethany prayer group have continued to meet every Friday with Rev Willoughby to pray for Bethany School and all who are involved with it.

In normal circumstances, the Bethany prayer group meet weekly in-person to pray. Since lockdown, their regular meetings have continued, albeit now virtually, via Zoom on Fridays at 2pm.

The Christian heritage of Bethany is very important, and contributes to making Bethany such a special school. There is also a real need right now, especially with the potentially unsettling implementation of new social distancing rules, for support which can be provided by prayer.

The prayer group are reaching out to anyone who may be interested in joining them, and also to anyone who has any prayer requests to share with them. Any requests will be kept confidential.

If you would be interested in joining the Bethany prayer group, or have a prayer request, then please contact Rev Serena Willoughby.