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Creating a Love for Art

Art is a universal language that transcends boundaries, speaks without words, and encourages creativity and individual expression. I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power that art holds for our pupils, from improving wellbeing and mood through to establishing careers. We are committed in the art department to nurturing a passion that can flourish and inspire greatness and a life long love of the creative arts and design.


Artistic competitions not only serve as platforms for showcasing individual creativity but also as gateways to incredible opportunities and experiences. Whilst we aim to inspire and support our pupils at school, the nurturing that they receive at home is key and we are grateful to the parents of our pupils for establishing a love of art in their children and their efforts to help their children to succeed.


I am delighted to share the outstanding achievements of some of our talented pupils. Nelly, whose breathtaking drawing ‘Metamorphis’, has been selected for the Maidstone Young Artist Award. Nelly’s work will be showcased at the Maidstone Museum from February 8th to June 1st. We urge you to visit the exhibition and cast your vote to support Nelly in this prestigious endeavour.


– ‘Metamorphis’ by Nelly, Year 8.


Gwyn in Year 12 has been shortlisted for the John Downton Award in the ‘14-16 years’ category for her exquisite photomontage. Her creation, embellished with hand-finished linoprint details, showcases iconic buildings in a stunning manner.


– Photomontage by Gwyn, Year 12.


In addition, the upcoming Global Finals of the Junk Couture competition in Monaco this February will see Livi in Year 10 representing our school, along with her sister Clementine who attended last year. Their design ‘Wishing on a Ribbon’ has been created independently with such meaning and skill, and we have high hopes for success. This prestigious event not only offers the chance for awards but also opens doors for personal development opportunities with industry giants like Microsoft and Deloitte.


– ‘Wishing on a Ribbon’, by Livi and Clem.


Participating in such competitions not only bolsters confidence but also nurtures resilience and innovation. They provide a platform to learn, grow, and showcase one’s artistic prowess to a wider audience. I strongly encourage our pupils to explore various competitions, such as the ongoing Turner Portfolio competition and the RA Young Artist Summer Show. Information about these competitions can be found on their respective websites or by consulting any member of our art team.


Remember, these competitions are not solely about winning but about the journey of self-discovery, honing skills, and connecting with new art communities and establishments. Let’s continue to nurture a love for art, celebrate creativity, and empower our pupils to paint their stories on the canvas of life.


Mrs Smart

Head of Art