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Bethany leavers… where are they now?

Recently the Art department reached out to former pupils for some updates on where they are post-Bethany. This week we hear from Halina Markiewicz…

I started Bethany in Year 7 and left after completing my A levels in 2017.

When leaving I was not sure what degree I wanted to persue, or if I wanted to do one at all. I decided to do a year’s Art Foundation at UCA in Canterbury to give me more of a chance to decide my route within the art and design sector, as my love for this area stemmed from my passion of GCSE Art, and A level Textiles.

I thoroughly enjoyed my year at UCA, especially the more delicate side of fashion design. This is where I was told about a course in Leicester at De Montfort University – Fashion Contour Design. I found that I could really relate to this course and loved the attention to detail that I could embrace designing lingerie and sportswear. I had always steered clear of the fashion industry as it overwhelmed me. However, I loved the idea of heading into a niche market. I felt De Montford was the best by far out of the two courses in the UK.

I have now just finished my second year and secured a year’s placement with Aura Lingerie in London. I have absolutely adored this course so far. The skills I have learnt are endless, they have ranged from not knowing anything about underwear, swimwear or sportswear to now being able to create and design anything at my own leisure.

My ideal line of work after returning to Leicester to finish my third year would be to remain within the lingerie, sportswear or sleepwear sector, and be continuously involved in design and manufacturing as I feel my course has really prepared me with the depth of knowledge required to work in this industry.

I feel that throughout Bethany I was always encouraged and inspired from the beginning to peruse my creativity boldly with few boundaries; I will forever be thankful for that.