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The Importance of Key Stage 4

This week’s Bethany blog has been written by Mr Bolton, Head of Key Stage 4 and Director of Performing Arts at Bethany School. He writes about what our Year 11 pupils have been up to this term from exciting school trips to their first taste of GCSE examinations.


We would all be forgiven for believing that the end of November is a time to pause, dig out the tinsel and reflect on the year that was, however our KS4 pupils were continuing to prepare for their GCSE’s. This half term began with some of our Year 11’s returning from a successful football tour in Malaga over half term, swapping their scarves for sunshine and their school bags for football boots. The Spanish climate suited our Year 11 boys and they certainly played some first class football.


On their return to school Year 11 were straight into their first GCSE of the season and Mathematics was top of the list. Our pupils were supported in September with revision technique training and pre-exam warm ups in the Assembly Hall to prepare them for the November entry. I am very proud of our Year 11’s and how they demonstrated such resilience and independence. These two papers will be crucial and the results in the New Year will inform parents and pupils of their next steps in Mathematics.


With their first official GCSE under their belt we moved into our Mock Examination period. These examinations further prepare our pupils and inform teachers of any vital gaps in subject knowledge ahead of the real GCSE’s in the Summer. I am grateful to the invigilators and support staff for the high quality provision they gave our pupils and I am also immensely pleased to report our external invigilators spoke very highly of the manner in which our Year 11’s conducted themselves.


With the Mock examinations completed we will now await for our Mock Examination morning on Thursday 7th December. At 8.30am our Year 11’s will receive their results and more importantly their feedback in each subject on how they can develop their learning further and gain a higher grade.


Our Year 11 Artist’s were then asked to step up and sit their practical examination. This one day practical assessment will go towards their final GCSE grade. The day itself was an opportunity for our pupils to create their artwork from preliminary ideas in class and with permission to be in their own clothes they certainly were motivated. Mrs Smart and Mrs Clough supported our pupils appropriately and many thanks goes to the Art team for delivering a successful practical assessment.


The Term continued with our Year 11 Drama pupils performing their Devised pieces to parents and Staff. This unit of work was completely created and scripted by the pupils and the two separate pieces demonstrated the theatrical literacy of our pupils. Elements of naturalism, physical theatre and the theatre of cruelty were showcased and our pupils enjoyed the applause they received at the end of the evening.


KS4 (Year 10 and 11) is a vital time in our pupils lives and it is only through their own determination, energy and independence can real success be achieved. They key for a fruitful Christmas will be to continue on their current trajectory and revise, recall and finally of course relax, the first two, however are more important.


This term has been superb and I am grateful to the KS4 tutors and the relentless support they provide our pupils. I trust we can all see the excellent work our KS4 pupils are providing.


Mr Bolton

Head of Key Stage 4