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Winner of the Apprentice Challenge announced

The final task in the Bethany Apprentice Challenge involved being interviewed by the Bethany Development Manager. The six remaining candidates were asked questions on their involvement in the four challenges, their strengths and weaknesses and why they should win the competition.

They then had to face the wrath of Lord Sugar for one final time and the winner was announced. Congratulations to Rory Lello, Joe Bateman, Nina Rommell, Molly Elton and Alexander Hill for getting so far in the process. However all five candidates were pipped at the post by Izzi Hanson-Abbott who beat the opposition and won the competition.

Quotations taken from the finalists’ letters submitted before their interview:

“I feel that the Apprentice Challenge has stretched me in so many areas, including having to work with ‘slightly’ more testing candidates – the toughest challenge of them all!

As the newest member of the school to participate in this challenge – having joined only three days before the first task began – I feel I have hit the ground running. In the first challenge, to design bespoke Christmas cards for a member of the SMT, I did not know any of the other candidates or their strengths and weaknesses at the time. This was a steep learning curve, to say the least!”

“The Apprentice Challenge has been an emotional whirlwind of ups and downs. I remember that, a long time ago, when I said, due to a severe lapse of judgment on my behalf, that I was a ‘tiger in business.’
I sincerely apologise for that and if it made me seem cocky, overconfident or if it affected anyone here in a negative way.
I apologise for this because as the challenge went on, I realised…. I wasn’t a tiger… oh no oh no…

I was a lion.

The king of the pride, fighting off my challengers and doubters such as Mr Winter who, in fact, had to flee the school due to my overpowering roar!”

“I feel I have, by far and away, been the strongest competitor in the competition, proving my skills as both a shepherd and a sheep. I admit that many have tried their best during this competition, but would argue that I have gone one step further than this and have thrived under the pressure of the Apprentice Challenge.”