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Visiting author – Lisa Heathfield

​​​​​​​On Tuesday of this week the acclaimed writer Lisa Heathfield came to talk to Years 7, 8 and 9 about what motivates her when she writes her novels.

The writer has written four successful novels, including ‘I am not a Number’ – a book which many of the audience had studied in their English lessons. It is a book that is set in England and concerns a dystopian world in the near future. The political party in power removes the freedom of individuals to say and do what they want and sends offenders off to prison camps. The book was studied to coincide with National Holocaust Day and contains many thought-provoking ideas.

She gave pupils an insight into how she writes her books and encouraged them to read for pleasure.

Lisa also challenged her audience to see that freedom is priceless, that democracy is fragile and that the youth of today need to be aware of this.

She then ran a workshop with High Flyers and encouraged pupils to think creatively and to enjoy the idea of exploring ideas in their writing – no matter where it might lead them.

Lisa was a thought-provoking and challenging speaker who had a strong and positive impact on her audience.