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The Apprentice Challenge – Sixth Formers raise £1,069 for charity

During the final few days of the autumn term, the Year 12 Apprentice Challenge candidates were set the task of choosing a charity and raising as much money for it as possible.

To do this they had four days to create a Tic Toc video to promote their charity fundraising. They could then use it to help them raise money. They were judged on the number of ‘likes’ the video got for their video clip over the subsequent month. More importantly, they were judged on the money they raised, both individually and as a team.

Various methods were used to raise money including washing cars, baking cakes and doing household chores. The vast majority of the 16 candidates still left in the competition raised over £100 each, with Mollie Elton raising a fantastic £300. Candidates fired by Lord Sugar in the boardroom came out with comments like ‘I thought I should just chill for a bit in the holidays…’ Lord Sugar was not impressed!

The next challenge has been set and that is to give a 5-minute sales pitch on what they think Bethany’s NEXT development should be. This will be given to members of the Bursar’s Department on Monday 20th January.