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Remote Learning launches successfully at Bethany

On the 19th March, Government announced that at the end of the following day, schools would close until further notice due to the continued spread of Covid-19. Thanks to the hard work of Bethany staff and pupils, we were very well prepared for this announcement. Bethany pupils have now swapped a classroom at school for a classroom at home.

Hear what some of our parents have had to say about their children’s remote learning experiences so far…


“We are very grateful for all that the School, the teachers and other staff have done for the pupils during this extraordinary and difficult period.

Our daughters transitioned almost seamlessly from traditional classroom teaching to remote learning via Teams. This is a great testament to the School’s enlightened and up-to-date approach. We have many friends with children in other schools – and two of my sisters teach. We know from their feedback that Bethany has done, and is doing, far better than most in this regard.

We have also appreciated the clear and open communications from the Headmaster regarding the School’s measures to safeguard the health of pupils and staff in the light of Covid-19. This clarity gave us very welcome peace of mind; thank you.”

Parent of pupils in Years 7 and 12


“Although we’re only a few hours in – both children have said, unprompted, “this is working.” They are very much benefiting from the structure and visibility of their teachers and classmates and they are both feeling positive about this setup.

I also wanted to say that in chatting with other friends about their children’s respective school setups during this time, what Bethany is doing is far above what other children seem to be getting. The fact that all kids have laptops and online access to everything has made Bethany well placed to handle a crisis like this.”

Parent of pupils in Years 7 and 9


“I am so impressed with Bethany. Today, my son has seamlessly transitioned to online learning. He is having virtual lessons, talking with his friends, completing work and loving it! His routine continues, and he is happy and engaged. It has also meant that I am able to continue working from home to support my clients.”

Year 7 parent


“I have to say that I was really impressed with the system, my son was able to just get on with his school work while my husband and I continued working from home.

I have also heard extremely positive feedback from other Year 7 parents. Long may it continue.”

Year 7 parent


“Incredibly slick – well done Bethany!”

Year 7 parent


“Both girls had such a positive experience with remote learning, and didn’t feel nearly as isolated with all their friends available. A huge thank you to you all – it takes a team, and the dedication required from the school to make this work, in such stressful times, and in the short period of time we had, is nothing short of amazing.

Well done, and thank you, Bethany! It’s a huge relief to know that the girls education won’t slip during these trying times.”

Parent of pupils in Years 7 and 9


“Both children managed the transition to online learning with no problems yesterday. I think having some structure will be a huge bonus to all of us from a mental health perspective.”

Parent of pupils in Years 9 and 11


“I just wanted to pass on our heartfelt thanks to all of the staff at Bethany. Our daughter has just finished her first day of remote learning and it was a resounding success. Well done to all of you for putting this together so quickly, and for being so dedicated and generally brilliant.”

Year 10 parent


“In this extremely strange world, you have calmed and steered your pupils, not only when in school, but also on their new adventure of remote learning.

Thank you to everyone who is making this adjustment the best it can possibly be.”

Year 8 parent


“Thank you so much for the provision you have made for the pupils during this crisis. I think it is amazing to have classes online and run a pretty normal time table. You’re doing a great job, well done and thank you!”

Year 9 parent